14 December 2006

Maureen got married!!!

Ah, yes... this happened quite a while ago (Nov 4) so this is an ultra-delayed update.

But when you think about it, the wedding itself had been delayed for like 13 million years (Yes, Peter proposed to Maureen in 1987. Or something like that. Honest).

"Noooo...! Really???"

Yup, Maureen was the first one in our group to get engaged and it's quite amazing that they managed to tahan for so long.

In any case, it was one of the coolest weddings I've attended. Ever. First of all, there was the venue:

Oooh, that's lovely.

The wedding was held by the artificial lake at Mines Resort and Spa, which was cool. It rained right before the dinner but that didn't dampen the occassion one bit.

Elaine and I were the official photographers

The food was on a buffet spread and the whole atmosphere was really nice. Very casual and with very few old aunties and uncles.

The lovely wedded couple during the ritual champagne tower pouring thingy.

Of course, what wedding would be complete without some red-eyed drunkard giving a toast:


There were the usual PowerPoint slide presentations (How the bride/groom grew up, met each other, etc) and some touching speeches, exchanging of gifts between in-laws and so on. Textbook stuff, really. But it was really fun.

And after that, there were some pop quizzes with prizes and stuff:

"The capital of Denmark is AMSTERDAM!!! REALLY!!!"

The losing table had to undergo some form of punishment, of course...

Hanif getting his yearly quota of exercise...

After all of the official stuff was over, it was time to dance! There was a fair bit of booze going around as well, which was good.

"You wait... When you get married that time then I will make fun of you in my blog!"

Mei Hoon and Jun Kit doing some weird chicken dance

Jun Kit and Hanif getting real excited over something (Note: Photo had to be enhanced to show details in the dark)

Eventually, the party wound down and everyone got rather tipsy (or at least pretended to be. Or said that they were driving that night.)

The gang with our respective partners (Yes, Hanif has one foot out of the closet)

I like weddings. My bro just got married last weekend too and I haven't written about it yet. Not even written about Palany's wedding in Penang either. And later this month, we've got Jun Kit and MK getting married as well.

So many weddings...

If a picture paints a thousand words...

Then the following picture needs no caption:

(Note: Yes, that's Sylvane and Hanif during Palany's wedding dinner in Penang.)

On another note, I apologise for the lack of updates. So many things have happened in the past month that I absolutely had no time to blog. Or rather, I was so tired out / sick / outstation at the time that the last thing on my mind was to compile all my photos and think of something witty to say.

Normal services should resume from henceforth.

03 November 2006

Random attempts at art...

Those of you who've known me for a bit longer than 10 years may recall that I used to draw a lot in my free time (and during classes - and on my textbooks). But alas, my artistic talents are fairly limited (more cartoony than realistic) and thus my dreams of becoming a professional cartoonist evaporated soon before my schooling days were over.

But I enjoy drawing comics, it's a really great way to express oneself and it also happens to be a lot of fun. So here it is - my first comic strip in over 10 years:

(Click on image to enlarge)

Note: Yes, I realise that cows aren't male... -_-

26 October 2006

What is Hokkien Mee?

Forged in the fires of hell...

...but tastes like heaven.

And enjoyed by Singaporeans crossing the border (and also one particular Malaysian living there who misses the food here, which is much much MUCH better by the way)

Yum... ^_^

23 October 2006

Home RUN!!!

A day after Deepavali, we decided to celebrate the Indian festival of lights by batting the shit out of some balls at the new Baseball thingy in 1 Utama.

It's a bit hard to find - you need to go to the elevators near Parkson (1 Utama new wing) and get to the upper roof, where you'll see something like a miniature driving range.

Elaine: "Mmmm... Big stick... I like!"

A few packages are available - we chose the "Home run" package for RM45, which gives you an unlimited number of balls to hit for 30 minutes. And with that, we headed for the batting cages.

This is the panel that controls the ball-launcher thingy. Select between 40MPH to 70MPH balls, press "baseball", wait for red light to come on and watch in horror as a yellow ball comes flying towards you.

Being the one who studied in America and is most in-tune with popular all-American sports, Alex shows us how it's done.

Well, erm... sort of

At first, we found it incredibly difficult to hit the balls but after a few tries, it gets easier. It's also real important that you set the height of the ball (via the control panel), otherwise you'd end up missing a whole lot of balls. Like this, actually:

Aloy steps up to the plate

Ack! Too low...

The other thing we learnt that day is that baseball can be a very painful sport. The massive shock/vibrations sent up through the bat and into your arms is enough to make it hurt. Kinda like tennis elbow, only whilst not playing tennis.

But it's not like we sucked (*really!*), after some time, all of us started to get the hang of it:

Elaine steps up to the plate

The evil yellow ball launches towards her...


Strangely enough, I found myself more comfortable batting left-handed. Probably because I'm more used to backhand motions (i.e. slapping people with the back of my right hand).

Kinda like a wife beater, actually ("Hic, where's my beer??? I take out my belt then you know!!!")

Hmmm... I need a haircut

Lousy hair style or not, it didn't stop me from getting the job done:


Needless to say, it was a blast. I think I'll be spending lots of lunch hours here in the future...


20 October 2006


Been meaning to put this up for a week, but kept procrastinating. It's BASKETBALL AT SPORTSBARN.

This is Dennis beginning a drive to the basket. This is normally very bad news for the opposition.

For the past couple of months or so, we've been playing basketball about twice a week. A pretty nice group, this - competitive, yet sporting enough to have fun.

On this particular occasion, I couldn't make it (sis' birthday) but could catch the tail end of it. Decided to pack my camera along.

Charles swatting one away

It's bloody hard to shoot inside with Charles in the middle -- one minute you're open, and then this really long arm descends from the heavens and gently whacks the ball out of your hands.

Say Hong getting personal with Dennis -_-

The thing about playing basketball is that - unless you've got a film crew following you around, chances are you have no idea what you look like while you're playing (i.e. whether you look cool or awkward).

Andrew launching one of his wonder shots. As in, "I wonder why the hell it goes in all the time...?"

I guess the best part about all this is that it's also good for your health. Exercise is good. Yes it is. Yes. Right.

Nigel showboating

I took this shot with a slow shutter speed and tracked the camera on Nigel - this allows me to keep Nigel relatively sharp while blurring out the background. And yes, this looks better on film than it does in real life. (P.S: Don't burn my house down. Please.)

This is Charles. Say hi to Charles.

After the game, we're all hot and sweaty from all that action. Erm... yeah. And thirsty too.

Andrew with a very gay Nigel snuggling up to him...

Right. Next picture:

And the best part of bball, the mamak sessions after... :)

Thus ends the photo essay. I'm sleepy and hungry. And you should be too.

09 October 2006

The terror continues...

Not much of an update, but:

Hur hur hur... :)

28 September 2006

Beef is back!

Excellent news, this.

You may not have known this but - for some years, now - Bovril has been beef-free.

Yes, that fantasticly sticky and tasty beef extract was reformulated some time in 2004 to cater to the growing needs of people who, for some reason or other, didn't want beef in their Bovril.

For the past two years, Bovril has been a yeast-extract; just like that other foul tasting savoury paste (that would be Marmite). So yes, the glorious Bovril was reduced to a shadow of its former self. A poor man's Marmite. A beef-flavoured food product for vegeterians.

But personally, I thought it tasted the same - never knew the beef was taken away until someone pointed it out.

Similarly, I didn't know that the Bovril guys are putting back beef into the black stuff until Kit pointed it out. And he had pointed this out simply because I've become addicted to Bovril this past couple of weeks, which - I believe - spurred him to do a bit of research.

Bovril: as good as gold

Did you know that Bovril was devised as a weapon by the French to fight the Germans during some war in the 19th century? Neither did I.

So I guess the point I'm trying to say is, umm... it's good to have beef back in Bovril.

Yes, it is.

18 September 2006

Pool: two thumbs up!

It's official - pool is the coolest sport in the world. After all, it's the only game that allows you to mimic a sniper hunting down some hapless balls on a velvet table. It transforms even the most awkward, clumsy, fat bastard into a real man.

Me shooting some pool. Very cool, no?

You see? Just by holding a cue up to your chin, you too can instantly transform into a suave something or other.

This is Aloy. He thinks he is cool. Yes, he does.

Of course, it's even better if you're dressed like a waiter - it makes you look even more professional. And a lot cooler too. Observe:

This is Hanif. Yes, he's cool too. Really.

And it's even more more better if you try some trick shots. Doesn't matter if it works or not - as long as you look cool, you will be cool. For example:

This is an attempted screw ball. It is cool.

But it is not enough that it's cool. We must show appreciation for this. And because of this, I give pool two thumbs up (my highest award, given to fine examples of being cool).

Aloy bending over at table. This is cool. Hence, we give it two thumbs up.

Two thumbs up for Hanif too, because he is very cool.

Aloy racking some balls. This is cool. So we give two thumbs up.

The best part is, the coolness you obtain from playing pool carries on to the rest of your life. You become coolness itself.

Falling asleep later at the mamak. But it's also cool, so we give it two thumbs up also.

On the right, we have the photographer who naively thought that she managed to escape the whole night without having her picture taken.


Ok, that's enough cheese for now. Back to work!!!

01 September 2006

Awesome Thai beer ads

Got wind of this ad from Elaine (thanks!) Had me in stitches for quite a while.

27 August 2006

Sliding tofu sellers...

In an rather refreshing turn of events, I ended up at a race track last night, watching some people whose cars seemed to be facing the wrong direction whenever they entered a corner:

"Look! It's that guy from Initial D!!!"

The starting grid. It's a grid. Cars start on it. Yes, they do.

Yup, it was a drifting event. Organised by Angle D5, it's a Saturday night event held at the PLUS speedway near the USJ toll plaza. We discovered it by accident, though - it was near Warren's house and we can hear the noise at the track from there. So, we decided to have a look.

That's me

Some old Toyota hatchback with a helluva good drifter behind the wheel...

What struck me about the event was the variety in the types of cars used - there were both brand new cars as well as crummy old 1970s Japanese sedans (and most of the better drifters seem to prefer the latter). The audience was pretty diverse too, with Malays, Chinese and Indians freely mixing together, both youngsters and even entire families with baby prams and stuff...

A Skyline R33 - presumably, the owner is affluent enough to risk pranging it.

"Oi! Why got traffic jam???"

An old-ish Skyline R32. Looks completely shagged

We spent about 2 hours looking at these cars go round and round the track, laying about a few tonnes of rubber into it. It seemed fairly well-organised too - with bilingual deejays, track marshalls, ambulances on standby and pretty girls with ultra-tight tops prancing around the main entrance.

Of course, after you pay the RM5 entrance fee, you'll walk in only to find that there aren't anymore big-breasted women inside (apart from some visitors, of course). Darn.

A Nissan Skyline R32 and a Nissan 180SX - crummy old cars, but excellent for drifting!

A participant from Singapore. Can't wait to see his tow-truck bill...

And there you have it. Apparently, they've got another event on Merdeka eve, which - coincidentally - is exactly a year since I've started blogging. I think I'll be there... ^_^