14 December 2006

Maureen got married!!!

Ah, yes... this happened quite a while ago (Nov 4) so this is an ultra-delayed update.

But when you think about it, the wedding itself had been delayed for like 13 million years (Yes, Peter proposed to Maureen in 1987. Or something like that. Honest).

"Noooo...! Really???"

Yup, Maureen was the first one in our group to get engaged and it's quite amazing that they managed to tahan for so long.

In any case, it was one of the coolest weddings I've attended. Ever. First of all, there was the venue:

Oooh, that's lovely.

The wedding was held by the artificial lake at Mines Resort and Spa, which was cool. It rained right before the dinner but that didn't dampen the occassion one bit.

Elaine and I were the official photographers

The food was on a buffet spread and the whole atmosphere was really nice. Very casual and with very few old aunties and uncles.

The lovely wedded couple during the ritual champagne tower pouring thingy.

Of course, what wedding would be complete without some red-eyed drunkard giving a toast:


There were the usual PowerPoint slide presentations (How the bride/groom grew up, met each other, etc) and some touching speeches, exchanging of gifts between in-laws and so on. Textbook stuff, really. But it was really fun.

And after that, there were some pop quizzes with prizes and stuff:

"The capital of Denmark is AMSTERDAM!!! REALLY!!!"

The losing table had to undergo some form of punishment, of course...

Hanif getting his yearly quota of exercise...

After all of the official stuff was over, it was time to dance! There was a fair bit of booze going around as well, which was good.

"You wait... When you get married that time then I will make fun of you in my blog!"

Mei Hoon and Jun Kit doing some weird chicken dance

Jun Kit and Hanif getting real excited over something (Note: Photo had to be enhanced to show details in the dark)

Eventually, the party wound down and everyone got rather tipsy (or at least pretended to be. Or said that they were driving that night.)

The gang with our respective partners (Yes, Hanif has one foot out of the closet)

I like weddings. My bro just got married last weekend too and I haven't written about it yet. Not even written about Palany's wedding in Penang either. And later this month, we've got Jun Kit and MK getting married as well.

So many weddings...

If a picture paints a thousand words...

Then the following picture needs no caption:

(Note: Yes, that's Sylvane and Hanif during Palany's wedding dinner in Penang.)

On another note, I apologise for the lack of updates. So many things have happened in the past month that I absolutely had no time to blog. Or rather, I was so tired out / sick / outstation at the time that the last thing on my mind was to compile all my photos and think of something witty to say.

Normal services should resume from henceforth.