24 September 2007

How the mighty have fallen...

Honda's ASIMO - former million-dollar stair-climbing robot...

...now reduced to secondary PDA cradle support:

Where's that little robot?

"Me want to climb stairs instead!"

Morgan Freeman = super

Spotted the following DVD in the a local video store:

Morgan Freeman: The Movie

At first I was wondering what the hell it was. But upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a compilation of Morgan Freeman's best movies on a few discs. Cool.

The clincher, though, was this little gem at the top-right corner of the cover:

Super black film star... :)

21 September 2007

Cheryl calls room service...

The wedding dinner just ended. It's past midnight, and we're hanging out in Thomas and Amelia's bridal suite, having drinks and basically having a laugh.

And then, we ran out of ice. And Colin took it upon himself to call room service for more ice. However, his alter ego took over...

Oh, and I'll post up photos from the wedding (on Flickr) once I've gotten some work out of the way. This was the first time I've been involved in both pre-wedding and actual day photography.

Me in action

It was bags of fun... :)

17 September 2007

I killed a fruit fly today...

I'm back at the office today. And it turns out that the little insects that have been terrorising me here were fruit flies (see post "We're being followed"). And I killed one of them!!!

I rock!

Extreme closeup

While not exactly fast, these little buggers are really small and my eye-sight is shit. So yes, I'm quite happy to have made it dead.

Now if only some of the other pests in the office could be dispatched of as effortlessly...

10 September 2007

Selling out to the man...

From Her World magazine or something like that.

Quote: "This fragrance gives me the confidence I need to help me get through the day"

Indeed... :)

Click on the image for the full-sized pic

We're being followed...

I had a nagging suspicion all day that I was being followed by insects. Everywhere I went, i could feel something crawling around my scalp, skipping across my neck. Inside my shirt and moving underneath my socks. Sometimes I even caught a glimpse of something small flying in front of my eyes.


It even followed me in my car when I went to the camera equipment store in SS2. Kit was telling me that it's just my imagination - my hair getting into my eyes or something like that.

But when I got back to the office, it turns out that everyone's been bugged by little insects all day too.

So yes, I'm not crazy, but a small colony of insects may be building a nest in my head. Which means I've got cooties. Cool.