27 February 2008

Be a man! BUY MY T-SHIRT

Dear friends,

My laptop is starting to act funny - resetting itself randomly (or whenever I happen to be doing something important on it). Because of this (and the fact that it weighs 2 tons, has a battery life of 45 mins and is really starting to get on a bit), I am now in need of a new one.

Which is why I proudly bring you the "Be a man! BUY MY T-SHIRT" campaign (a.k.a. the "Help Chris to buy a new laptop" charity fund). All proceed will go into a shiny new Apple Macbook, which currently goes for about RM3,999)

We'll start with this T-shirt design, called "The Stephen Oxley":

Click here to go directly to the product page.

Be a man; do the right thing!!!

25 February 2008

Under the coconut shell

Bladee hell! Didn't know that there's a new version of the 50 Ringgit note since Jan 30!!!

Looked bewildered when Elaine whipped it out of her wallet to pay for something.

Goes to show how often I've been reading the newspapers these days... -_-

"Eh? What's this, then...?"

04 February 2008

The origins of kobe beef...

Yay! Another month, another blog entry.

Part of the reason for the lack of updates is the total absence of an Internet connection at my new office. Security and confidentiality, apparently.

So it's been almost a month since I've become a videogames programmer and things are looking good. Surprisingly, I've not had to write a single line of code yet, due to the point-and-click nature of today's modern script-based game engines.

But enough about work, it's time to talk about the origins of kobe beef.

Apparently, it's got something to do with a drunk Japanese farmer and his cow Daisy (according to my future sister-in-law's husband). It goes something like this:

    Farmer: Hey, Daisy... *hic!* Only you can understand me. Come have a beer with me.

    Daisy: Moo...

    Farmer: Here, let me pour some of it on your back as well. You like it don't you? *hic!*

    Daisy: Moo...

    Farmer: That's it, Daisy. Drink it allll up. *hic!* Only you can understand me, girl. Only you.

    Daisy: Moo... *hic!*

    ---- The next morning ----

    Farmer: F***ing hell! Daisy, you DRANK all my beer!!! DIE, BITCH!!!

    (Swings glass bottle at cow)

    Daisy: MOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *Urk!*

    Farmer: OhmyGod! OhmyGod! OhmyGod! Daisy's dead! DAISY'S DEAD! I guess I better cook her, then. Mmmm! Actually, this tastes kinda good!


So, there you go.

Have a happy Chinese New Year