27 February 2008

Be a man! BUY MY T-SHIRT

Dear friends,

My laptop is starting to act funny - resetting itself randomly (or whenever I happen to be doing something important on it). Because of this (and the fact that it weighs 2 tons, has a battery life of 45 mins and is really starting to get on a bit), I am now in need of a new one.

Which is why I proudly bring you the "Be a man! BUY MY T-SHIRT" campaign (a.k.a. the "Help Chris to buy a new laptop" charity fund). All proceed will go into a shiny new Apple Macbook, which currently goes for about RM3,999)

We'll start with this T-shirt design, called "The Stephen Oxley":

Click here to go directly to the product page.

Be a man; do the right thing!!!

1 comment:

The Stephen Oxley said...

Elaine said you wanted me to buy your shirt.. but I already have it! It was made FOR me!!

Plus, I'm broke!!!