21 June 2006

Shitty car...

Managed to snap this BMW 3-series while driving in KL (I've cropped it from a much wider shot):

The license plate reads 'TAH11'.

That's kinda like Malay for 'shit'. And I guess that's kinda cool... No?

Weird dreams at night...

I've been having some very strange recurring dreams lately. Not that it's a problem, but it's kinda weird that it happens so frequently. Maybe one day I'll speak to a dream interpreter or fung shui expert. Maybe Lillian Too... And when she's not looking, I'll set her hair on fire. Hmmm...

Anyway, the dreams are:
1. All my teeth becoming loose / falling off.
2. One of my legs being much shorter than the other.
3. Being able to fly by simply lifting my feet off the ground.
4. Seeing my dead relatives alive and well.
5. Finding that I've not studied for an exam, only to realise that I'm not in school anymore - and finding it darn cool that I've realised it in the middle of a dream.
6. Having a real big urge to take an in-dream piss, unleashing a torrent of yellow rain in my dreams, only to wake up with a full bladder thinking, "My GOD!!! Luckily I didn't release in real life!!!"
7. Attempting to play some sport (usually basketball) only to find that I suddenly can't play.
8. Finding myself in a HUGE bathroom (more floor space than a football pitch), with many bath tubs, showers, places to crap and so on, usually with a ceiling that's over 30 feet high that gives the whole place a very nice airy atmosphere. Yes, I like to take baths.

And there you have it. If you can tell me what 4D numbers to buy from this information, please contact me. Thanks.

14 June 2006

Annoy your neighbour's dogs. And children too...

At this very moment in time, I've got a really wayang headache from listening to some ultra high-pitched sine wave audio samples. Thanks to this guy, of course.

Apparently, a female student in some other country heard about how some adults (read: old farts) can't hear audio frequencies at 16KHz and above. This student then decided to use a 16KHz sine wave audio sample as a ring tone, which is brilliant since she'd be able to hear her phone ring during lectures while her teachers won't.

Sure enough, Kit tried playing this 16KHz ring tone in front of all of us and most of the 'more experienced' people in the office couldn't hear it - even though it irritated the shit out of us younger people.

The human ear is supposedly able to hear frequencies between 20Hz (ultra low-pitch bass) and 20KHz (ultra high-pitch treble). This is also why audio CDs have a sampling rate of 44.1KHz, which results in a maximum attainable frequency of about 22KHz - just a bit higher than what humans can hear.

And so, we tried listening to various audio samples at the office to check our individual cut-off points at this website.

Apparently, I'm able to hear stuff up to 18KHz. The other guys in the office could only hear up to 17KHz. So I guess that means I win... *yay!*

Try it out and tell me your frequency cut-off points! Do it now!!!


As a side note, you could burn an 18KHz or 19KHz audio sample onto a CD, drive up to a kindergarten and play it at full blast on your car stereo with the windows down. Imagine the extremely baffled look on the teachers' faces as their students go completely bonkers. *Insert evil laughter!!!*

13 June 2006

Why haven't I thought about it before?
Vol. 1

Been posing this question to various friends over the past couple of days:

    Why hasn't anybody invented powdered instant beer?

You know, like instant coffee? So we could all nip to the water cooler after hours and get ourselves completely pissed?

After all, I don't think carbonation is a problem, since you can do the same with vitamin-C soluble capsules and Eno. As far as flavour is concerned, if they can make Maggi taste like chicken, I'm sure some genius out there can create artificial beer-flavoured stuff too! As for alcohol, I'm sure there must be some sort of chemical reaction that hasn't been attempted yet between cow dung and hydrochloric acid. Or something else.

The reprecussions of such an invention would be incredible - it would completely negate the purpose of beer coolers, ice boxes and portable fridges! All you need to do is hop over to some kedai kopi / petrol station, buy chilled water, mix and drink up.

And if you going camping or fishing, you can carry a whole 2kg sack of it and it'll last you for a whole month.


Ok, I'm done.

09 June 2006

Another late Friday night in the office...

Ah well... haven't updated in a while so i thought I might as well.

It's 2 hours till kickoff in Germany 2006, and we're eagerly awaiting it (no, I'm not alone here - apparently none of us here have social lives to speak of).

Lot's happened in the past week. Jun Kit and Mei Hoon got registered (*yay!*), my youngest sis turned 16 (*yay!* *yay!*) and I had the runs (bloody teh ais... -_-). Actually, I still have the runs.

It's a bit depressing - all my friends are either married or dating someone at the moment. Or engaged. Or just having a blast at some club, no doubt surrounded by hoards of scantily clad women. Mmmm...

Come to think of it, what on earth am I doing here?

World Cup fever FWWWOOOOOoooo...!!!

01 June 2006

Shattered slumber

Thought I could have had a quiet, early nite tonight.

After dinner I watched some videos, did a bit of reading, took a shower, brushed my teeth and went to bed at about 10pm. Ahhh... how nice.

But then, a good friend decided to call about 30 minutes later and said, "Ah Chong, arr...? Come let's go get a beer."

"Dude, I'm sleeping...," I grumbled

"Oh, sorry sorry. So early wan arr, you?" he said.

"Sorrylah, next time. I had a long day."

"Ok, next time lah."


"Ok! Ok!"

"...Ok. See you some other time lah."

"Oklah, goodnight."

"It's oklah."


So I went to back to bed - only to find that I was now wide awake. And that I really wanted a beer. And so I called Aloy back and went with him and another friend to the pub.

Which is why I'm writing this blog entry at 2:46am.

I could've been asleep for almost 5 hours by now... But at least I had a nice drink and nice company.

*Grumble! Grumble!*

The point I'm trying to make here is that when, erm... Yes, that's right.