21 June 2006

Weird dreams at night...

I've been having some very strange recurring dreams lately. Not that it's a problem, but it's kinda weird that it happens so frequently. Maybe one day I'll speak to a dream interpreter or fung shui expert. Maybe Lillian Too... And when she's not looking, I'll set her hair on fire. Hmmm...

Anyway, the dreams are:
1. All my teeth becoming loose / falling off.
2. One of my legs being much shorter than the other.
3. Being able to fly by simply lifting my feet off the ground.
4. Seeing my dead relatives alive and well.
5. Finding that I've not studied for an exam, only to realise that I'm not in school anymore - and finding it darn cool that I've realised it in the middle of a dream.
6. Having a real big urge to take an in-dream piss, unleashing a torrent of yellow rain in my dreams, only to wake up with a full bladder thinking, "My GOD!!! Luckily I didn't release in real life!!!"
7. Attempting to play some sport (usually basketball) only to find that I suddenly can't play.
8. Finding myself in a HUGE bathroom (more floor space than a football pitch), with many bath tubs, showers, places to crap and so on, usually with a ceiling that's over 30 feet high that gives the whole place a very nice airy atmosphere. Yes, I like to take baths.

And there you have it. If you can tell me what 4D numbers to buy from this information, please contact me. Thanks.


lilianthree said...

Bad sign dude. Dream says death is upon you soon. Better do more good in your life. Karma's a bitch.

Chris Chong said...

Aw, shit...

Christy said...

Hey Chris, this might be surprising but I managed to interpret your dreams as I read it. Sorry la, I used to do dream interpretation for side income. =P

I was writing the meanings here but had doubts about posting it. Some of the meanings can be a tad personal, so not sure if you want it published here. Maybe if you want I can mail it to you or something la.

Anyway, dreams are basically the way for your subconscious mind to tell or warn you about something -- especially if you keep getting the same dreams, it's like trying to remind you to address or resolve a situation during your waking hours.

Chris Chong said...

Or I could always just go to Dream Moods Dictionary instead... -_-

If you're wondering, I'm a naturally introverted person and spend a disproportionate amount of time in thought. And too much thought into something often leads to anxiety - especially in cases where things are beyond your control.

I think the sort of interpretations given about people's dreams are fairly accurate, although they neglect the fact that most problems are in fact perceived rather than real. But on the other hand, one can argue that any problem that is perceived is real to the people who are psychologically affected by it.

I worry a lot about everything, which probably explains my dream patterns.

It's to do with the congruence between ideal self and true self. Typically, people with greater ambitions and expectations in life tend to have poor congruence - even more so with INFP type people (Click here for a crash course on Myers-Briggs Type Indicators).

Do take note, though, that the MBTI isn't a litmus test - rather it is a general classification of a persona which has been molded and trained by individual experiences, which will in turn affect one's ideal self.

On the positive side, it's this very desire for congruence that spurs us to do the best we possibly can in everything that we do. As long as it matters to us.

No particular point being made here - just thinking aloud.

With that off my chest, I'm off to bed. Got a funny feeling that one of my legs will be shorter than the other tonight.

christy said...

Wow, I didn't know you were into MBTI as well. I sorta felt that you are an "NFP", but I always thought you were ENFP, because of how you seem to be quite outgoing in person. ^^

Then again, I guess it's hard to accurately tell what personality type a person belongs to these days. We can naturally be born as one type of persona but as we go through life we try to adapt to the environment and this changes how we are originally -- though deep inside we are still who we are. (and we love our tapir just the way he is anyway, even though he's a pain in the arse in cod2 :P)

Hmm, that's an interesting point you made about congruence between ideal self and true self. I never saw it that way... thanks for pointing it out.

I'm naturally an ENTP, and setting high (and sometimes unrealistic) expectations have left me worrying / kicking myself pretty often whenever I fail to live up to standards. But somehow the satisfaction gained from "giving your best" to overcome a challenge is far greater than giving a mediocre performance.

It's a difficult way to live, but I guess it makes us better people in the end. ^^

Sleep tight!

Tan Kit Hoong said...

Damn I wish I could have exciting dreams. All I get are boring mundane dreams that are no different from every day life -- more mundane in fact. Sigh

vanda said...

I get the first dream a lot too!

Steven's fan said...

I think it's just a fear of losing control.