09 June 2006

Another late Friday night in the office...

Ah well... haven't updated in a while so i thought I might as well.

It's 2 hours till kickoff in Germany 2006, and we're eagerly awaiting it (no, I'm not alone here - apparently none of us here have social lives to speak of).

Lot's happened in the past week. Jun Kit and Mei Hoon got registered (*yay!*), my youngest sis turned 16 (*yay!* *yay!*) and I had the runs (bloody teh ais... -_-). Actually, I still have the runs.

It's a bit depressing - all my friends are either married or dating someone at the moment. Or engaged. Or just having a blast at some club, no doubt surrounded by hoards of scantily clad women. Mmmm...

Come to think of it, what on earth am I doing here?

World Cup fever FWWWOOOOOoooo...!!!

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Anonymous said...

hardo gay~~~
saw your review on video application in in tech. laugh my ass out when i saw the pics of gay-san. lol