01 June 2006

Shattered slumber

Thought I could have had a quiet, early nite tonight.

After dinner I watched some videos, did a bit of reading, took a shower, brushed my teeth and went to bed at about 10pm. Ahhh... how nice.

But then, a good friend decided to call about 30 minutes later and said, "Ah Chong, arr...? Come let's go get a beer."

"Dude, I'm sleeping...," I grumbled

"Oh, sorry sorry. So early wan arr, you?" he said.

"Sorrylah, next time. I had a long day."

"Ok, next time lah."


"Ok! Ok!"

"...Ok. See you some other time lah."

"Oklah, goodnight."

"It's oklah."


So I went to back to bed - only to find that I was now wide awake. And that I really wanted a beer. And so I called Aloy back and went with him and another friend to the pub.

Which is why I'm writing this blog entry at 2:46am.

I could've been asleep for almost 5 hours by now... But at least I had a nice drink and nice company.

*Grumble! Grumble!*

The point I'm trying to make here is that when, erm... Yes, that's right.



mel said...

Haha, this happened last nite? I tot you were at work! Hmmm....

Max said...

Thats because your good friend is still operating on GMT time :)

Chris Chong said...

Yassss.... bloody GMT -_-

Aloysius Teoh said...

Ahhh...*yawn*.... this feels like a good morning.... oh wait hang on, its already 1:45pm....

Damn this GMT timing!!

Anonymous said...

Hi chris!
I like you rblog quite a lot, very funny na!
Hope you like mine too.,