13 June 2006

Why haven't I thought about it before?
Vol. 1

Been posing this question to various friends over the past couple of days:

    Why hasn't anybody invented powdered instant beer?

You know, like instant coffee? So we could all nip to the water cooler after hours and get ourselves completely pissed?

After all, I don't think carbonation is a problem, since you can do the same with vitamin-C soluble capsules and Eno. As far as flavour is concerned, if they can make Maggi taste like chicken, I'm sure some genius out there can create artificial beer-flavoured stuff too! As for alcohol, I'm sure there must be some sort of chemical reaction that hasn't been attempted yet between cow dung and hydrochloric acid. Or something else.

The reprecussions of such an invention would be incredible - it would completely negate the purpose of beer coolers, ice boxes and portable fridges! All you need to do is hop over to some kedai kopi / petrol station, buy chilled water, mix and drink up.

And if you going camping or fishing, you can carry a whole 2kg sack of it and it'll last you for a whole month.


Ok, I'm done.

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max said...

I think it is mostly to do with temperature - if we assume that cold water is available (wherever you are, that is) then it would be almost effortless to have a can of cold beer there too. It is, after all, much lighter than packing a fridge.

To throw another spanner in the works - unlike Eno and various other powdered drinks, beer is something that can't, or traditionally shouldn't, be prepared with ice cubes. It is rudimentary to add here that warm beer isn't very nice either.

Other thoughts welcomed.