31 July 2008

Super camcorder?

Today, my colleagues were watching the following YouTube video about some sort of missile defense system:

And after that, one of them ran to me and had the following conversation with me:

    Keith: "Hey, Chris... do you know if there are any video cameras on the market that are designed to track mortar in the air"

    Me: "Huh? You mean the mortar that you drop into that barrel and then goes *kapow!* and shoots into the air?"

    Keith: "Yeah."

    Me: "Consumer video cameras?"

    Keith: "Yeah."

    Me: "..."

    Keith: "...?"

    Me: "You're asking me if a consumer video camera has a special mode settings like "daylight", "sports", "landscape", "snow" and then "MORTAR-TRACKING"?

    Keith: "Umm... yeah?"

    Me: "..."

I highly doubt that Canon has a camcorder in the market that fulfills such a niche. However, if they did have such a setting, it would probably look like this on the mode dial:

NO no no no... You're in APERTURE-PRIORITY mode, silly!

Of course, what I found funny was that my colleagues were more interested in how the hell they caught live artillery / mortar / rocket rounds on video, rather than the laser technology itself :)

19 July 2008

More wedding photos up!

Ello ello!

Finally, I've got an Internet connection at home so I can finally upload all of the photos sitting in my Mac.

The Chongs

They are all on my Flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrischong, and they're all nicely sorted into various albums - including specific albums for group photos.

These photos are largely the same collection as the ones uploaded earlier by Elaine (click here), though there are a few more photos here and they're all in higher resolution - about 2-megapixels each, which makes them sharp enough for 4R and 6R prints.

Max also took a whole bunch of excellent photos, which can be viewed on his Flickr site too (click here).

The gang (plus extensions)

Once again, thanks a bunch to all of you who attended the wedding, especially all of you who came from really far away. And for those of you who couldn't make it, thanks for all your well wishes!