29 May 2006

Blast from the past

Been moping around the house all weekend and decided to look at all the random stuff I've collected on my computers over the past few years. Ahh... the nostalgia.

Came across a whole bunch of old photographs. These are all from a trip I made to Ireland in 2000 while I was still studying in the UK. They were all taken with my old Canon AE-1 film camera and scanned on someone's then state-of-the-art flatbed scanner.

A seagull!!! Bear in mind I was doing this with a manual-focus camera...

Me on the boat to Ireland. It can get a little drafty.

A self portrait - can't remember where it was taken, though.

That's Dublin at night. The dude on the left is Joshua - haven't seen him in like 13 million years...

No, these pics aren't really anything to shout about. I have been very much into photography for most of my life but I only really started to get serious when digital cameras popped up.

What's particularly sad is that most of the 'creative' pictures I've taken while using film were rubbish, thanks to my rather poor understanding of dynamic range and lighting back then.

In the past four years since I first picked up a digital camera, I've found my technique and knowledge has improved by leaps and bounds. All because I've been able to experiment without having to waste loads of film.

Now the funny thing is, I'm suddenly finding it quite tempting to go out and shoot in film one of these days - just for the sheer hell of it and to see if I can get the sort of results I'm getting these days with digital photography. I wonder if the old AE-1 still works...


Choux*Pastry*Heart said...

nice pics

mel said...


Tan Kit Hoong said...

yeah I think digital has also helped my photography a lot as well.

And yes, I'm also craving a few shots with film again -- not for regular shooting-- but for taking long exposures at night, which is something digital just can't handle well.