10 May 2006

It's official: Munich is a boring place

This is my second trip to Munich, Germany. It's a really boring place. For example:

Boring street painter

Boring old building

An even more boring old building

A boring park...

...which has boring flowers.

Even the statues look bored.

A dog. It is bored. Also.

In truth, it's a lot nicer during the Oktoberfest. Munich: city of boredom and great beer.


mel said...

Hey, it looks fun to me....

Hmm..you're just bored coz i'm not there to bug you aren't you :P

amelia said...

bored? how can u be bored?? beer beer beer!!! hehehe

amelia said...

wait.. tell me u did drink on my behalf yar yar bwee

Tan Kit Hoong said...

Hey I was there before and I found it boring even DURING Oktoberfest. Maybe it's because I don't drink and the sight of a bunch of sweaty drunken people singing in a crowded tent incredibly boring. LOL