03 May 2006

The ultimate guide to picking up girls

Ok, boys and girls. Today, we shall learn how to pick up Asian girls at bars:

STEP 1: Get a nice cold pint of Hoegaarden beer (off the tap)

STEP 2: Drink the aforementioned beer

STEP 3: Wait for girls to gravitate towards you

See? it's bloody easy, innit? Who says you need to be ang moh to attract Asian girls at pubs? ^_^


mel said...

Ooh can i have the rest of the pictures we took that nite?

Dah Cow said...

Me too me too! =p

amelia said...

yes yes... tall suave sexy mr chong... we likeeeeeeeeeee........... hahahah can i have the other pics too bweehee

Chris Chong said...

Ah... working on it. It's 12:30am early Sat morning and I'm still at my desk... T_T