20 October 2006


Been meaning to put this up for a week, but kept procrastinating. It's BASKETBALL AT SPORTSBARN.

This is Dennis beginning a drive to the basket. This is normally very bad news for the opposition.

For the past couple of months or so, we've been playing basketball about twice a week. A pretty nice group, this - competitive, yet sporting enough to have fun.

On this particular occasion, I couldn't make it (sis' birthday) but could catch the tail end of it. Decided to pack my camera along.

Charles swatting one away

It's bloody hard to shoot inside with Charles in the middle -- one minute you're open, and then this really long arm descends from the heavens and gently whacks the ball out of your hands.

Say Hong getting personal with Dennis -_-

The thing about playing basketball is that - unless you've got a film crew following you around, chances are you have no idea what you look like while you're playing (i.e. whether you look cool or awkward).

Andrew launching one of his wonder shots. As in, "I wonder why the hell it goes in all the time...?"

I guess the best part about all this is that it's also good for your health. Exercise is good. Yes it is. Yes. Right.

Nigel showboating

I took this shot with a slow shutter speed and tracked the camera on Nigel - this allows me to keep Nigel relatively sharp while blurring out the background. And yes, this looks better on film than it does in real life. (P.S: Don't burn my house down. Please.)

This is Charles. Say hi to Charles.

After the game, we're all hot and sweaty from all that action. Erm... yeah. And thirsty too.

Andrew with a very gay Nigel snuggling up to him...

Right. Next picture:

And the best part of bball, the mamak sessions after... :)

Thus ends the photo essay. I'm sleepy and hungry. And you should be too.

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