26 October 2006

What is Hokkien Mee?

Forged in the fires of hell...

...but tastes like heaven.

And enjoyed by Singaporeans crossing the border (and also one particular Malaysian living there who misses the food here, which is much much MUCH better by the way)

Yum... ^_^


Zandramas said...

everytime i see that plate of hokkien mee.. i salivate..,I lose all sense of direction and I can almost smell the aroma....*drool* i wanna come home!!!!

max said...

I'm surprised that good Hokkien mee isn't available in Singapore despite the large population of Hokkien there.

We begin to wonder if the best Hokkien noodles are, in reality, prepared by the Cantonese in KL?

Emily said...

I really miss those kind of mee :)

Btw, thanks for linking my photoblog! :-D

Chris Chong said...

Max - I'm starting to think that there are more Hokkiens in KL. Scary... -_-

Emily - You're welcome! Keep up the good work