16 August 2006

Silly Microsoft Word... :)

One of my cranky old lecturers in university once ranted about how Microsoft is trying to change the way we speak English, by enforcing its grammatical rules on our documents through spell-checkers, autocorrect tools and other functions spawned by Satan himself.

Now, I think I believe him - Microsoft doesn't seem to know proper English either. Please click on the following screenshots for a closer look:

In this screenshot, it tells me that the word "bulletproof" is wrong (underlined in red). Rather, it should be written as "bullet-proof". Fine, I make the changes suggested by the all-knowing word processor.

But then, I get this:

Now it tells me that the word "bullet-proof" is grammatically wrong (underlined in green), and I should write it as "bulletproof" instead.



max said...

Dear ol' Alan Watt will be *pleased* with the extra hits he's getting now ;D

tihtahpah said...

I was just from your other blog...nice pics you have here...especially the tokyo ones...am thinking of taking up photography , will definitely visit your blog again and again!