28 September 2006

Beef is back!

Excellent news, this.

You may not have known this but - for some years, now - Bovril has been beef-free.

Yes, that fantasticly sticky and tasty beef extract was reformulated some time in 2004 to cater to the growing needs of people who, for some reason or other, didn't want beef in their Bovril.

For the past two years, Bovril has been a yeast-extract; just like that other foul tasting savoury paste (that would be Marmite). So yes, the glorious Bovril was reduced to a shadow of its former self. A poor man's Marmite. A beef-flavoured food product for vegeterians.

But personally, I thought it tasted the same - never knew the beef was taken away until someone pointed it out.

Similarly, I didn't know that the Bovril guys are putting back beef into the black stuff until Kit pointed it out. And he had pointed this out simply because I've become addicted to Bovril this past couple of weeks, which - I believe - spurred him to do a bit of research.

Bovril: as good as gold

Did you know that Bovril was devised as a weapon by the French to fight the Germans during some war in the 19th century? Neither did I.

So I guess the point I'm trying to say is, umm... it's good to have beef back in Bovril.

Yes, it is.


Mel said...

Cool. I can finally smear them onto my Maggi mee, knowing that I have real beef noodles once again :D. Btw, are you still putting it into your Shin Ramyun or have you stopped eating those korean noodles by now?

Chris Chong said...

Eh, you stalking me izzit? Post comment less than 10 minutes after I update my blog! :P

Yes, I still eat the almighty Shin Ramyun -_-

Tan Kit Hoong said...

mmmm Bovril. Yes I've been a big fan of Bovril for years and yes thanks to you I recently did some research on the origins of Bovine Vril. :D

Emily said...

*checks label* Mine is yeast :(

Mel said...

Oh You know wat else is now here? Your fave Clearasil....they finally heard your cries and brought them to Malaysia for you :P

max said...

"Marmite. Embracing the bovine-lover in you."

*puts on flame jacket*

Elaine said...

Eh? I tot Clearasil has been in Malaysia for years already ...

"Bovril ... brings out the champion in you!" --- Oh wait, that's the Milo slogan.