22 September 2005

The stag night!

At last!

After about 5 days, I've finally gotten the pix from Alex' stag night into my Mac.

You see, the main problem is that I took the pictures with my Motorola V878 camera phone, which doesn't sync with Macs. Not only that, it's not plug-n-play with Windows either - I had to hunt for the syncing software in the box in which my phone came (it's been a year - Mel bought it for my birthday last year).

Long story short, finally installed the software on my Windows laptop, got the pictures online.

You actually have to drag each file at a time on this thing

Ok, back to the stag night...

Basically, the guys - Jun Kit, Hanif, Adrian, Ghana (still not sure how to spell his name after all these years), MK, myself and Alex (of course) headed to the nightspots round Jln P. Ramlee / Jln Sultan Ismail.

We went to some posh looking place first (can't remember what it's called... 'Passion'?) got a bottle, found it boring and went off to some other place near what used to be called 'Atmosphere'. Wait is it still called Atmosphere?

I think the place is called Bar Flam or some shit like that... Honestly, I don't go clubbing very often and I still can't remember the name of the bloody club next to my office at the foot of Eastin Hotel, PJ. Colors? Rush? Yessss... the place with all the Ah-Bengs and their 'modified' hatchbacks parked outside.

Anyway, this is what it looked like:

No, it wasn't much clearer in real life

We got happy with the drinks and all, but the highlight was probably one of the bar girls dancing on the, erm... bar. For some reason, all the guys in the place just stopped whatever it is that they were doing and stared at the girl as her backside swayed from left to right to the rhythm of something vaguely resembling music.

Maybe they expected her to drop her top or something. Probably...

That's the groom to be

That's Jun Kit and me

Look!!! It's Juan Pablo Montoya!!! Wait, or is that George Michael...?

Back at the hotel room, which we were at before we hit the clubs - to load up with our own (cheaper) booze, of course. That's Alex on the bed.

Surprisingly, not a single one of us puked that night. At least I didn't. Can't really remember...

TOP TO BOTTOM: Ghana, Adrian and Alex going to bed/already asleep. There's something fundamentally wrong about this picture...

And that's it. No strippers, no lap-dancing and, well... no girls, actually. Just booze. Apparently, one of us (no names mentioned) did try to get some girls to flash her headlamps at Alex but they were either 'Fully booked' or 'Too expensive'.

Just booze - good, clean, innocent fun. :)

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