30 September 2005

Google Earth - now works with KL!

Over the past week, we've gone Google Earth-mad at the office, spending hours marking our houses, favourite restaurants and random places in KL/PJ on the surprisingly-sharp satellite images (Click here for more info). Here are a few examples:

That's my house! (marked 'CR')

Two melodramatic Indian restaurants in PJ.

Bangsar - once the place to hang out if you had some sort of night life. Now just a place to go to if Hartamas is too crowded.

Hartamas - the Bangsar of the 21st century, I think... The funny thing about this place is that - in addition to the Mat Sallehs and rich kids with modified Japanese hatchbacks (mostly paid for by their dads) - even the low-life scum from Bangsar have migrated here. You know, the ones dressed like vagrants who just sit on the pavement, staring/whistling at girls, racing their motorcycles around the block and basically filling up the country's quota of sampah masyarakat.

Jalan P. Ramlee - the heart of KL's night life. This is where all the best clubs are, I think... That's where we had Alex's stag night.

And just a short distance away from Jalan P. Ramlee, is Luna Bar - possibly the coolest pub in town. It's located on the roof of a hotel, with an open-air area in the middle (with a pool!) and these cool bay windows that let you look out at the KL skyline. Plus, there's an awesome view of the KL tower from here.

Palace of the Golden Horses - an extravagant hotel located in the worst part of KL - miles away from the city centre with a perpetual traffic jam right outside its doorstep. Plus, I think that any hotel that calls itself a 'palace' is pushing it a bit...

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