15 September 2005

iPod nano officially launched in Malaysia

Yay! The iPod nano's officially here (although it has already been in some shops for the past couple of days or so). Quite fast, when you consider that it was only released in the USA a week ago.

The 4GB version costs about RM1,219 and the 2GB one costs RM969. You can probably get it for cheaper in Singapore, but that means you'll have to spend some money just to travel there. Unless you know someone coming from there... :)

Basically, it's really small. Sure, you probably know it's as thin as a 2B pencil and has a footprint that's about the size of a bar of Kit Kat.

There are smaller devices out there, but this feels smaller, thanks to the ratio between the nano's thickness and footprint. Plus, it looks great in black.

There are a whole bunch of accessories for it too:

The coolest accessory, though, is this Mercedes Benz A200 CDI:

It comes with an iPod connector in the glove box, which allows you to select tracks and adjust the volume with your steering wheel buttons and view track information on the dashboard's computer screen.

'Regular' iPod shown

Unfortunately, this isn't available in Malaysia. Yet. It'll probably cost more than RM180k, though (the car, not the connector).

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Tan Kit Hoong said...

Nano, nananana-no, nanananana-no nano nano!

Sweet sour and salty! NANONANO-NANONANO!

--bah bloody song plays in my head everytime I pick up the bloody iPod Nano...