03 September 2005

New IXUS and the domino effect

As it turns out, because I spent the whole of last night playing with my blog, I only woke up at 11am. The Canon launch started at 10am. Not good. At all.

With teeth unbrushed, hair undone and face unshaven, I jumped out of bed, picked up yesterday's clothes and hopped into the car. I'm sure I smelt like a basket of flowers...

Anyway, arrived at about 12pm and could see some familiar faces (i.e. other journalists) leaving the venue at KLCC. Arrived just in time to catch the PR people, take some photos and play around with the new camera: an IXUS i-Zoom.

It's really small, measuring 96x45x24mm and weighing 105g (about the size of an old-ish candy bar mobile phone). It has a 5-megapixel CCD sensor, 2.7x (38-90mm) optical zoom lens and a selection of four metallic colours. It'll cost RM1,499.

Also went to the new aquarium at the KL Convention Centre (called Aquaria KLCC) nearby to try out the Canon Powershot S2 IS we've got on review:

Even with image stabilisation, it was far too dark for the S2 IS to cope, so most of my pictures were full of camera shake. Good thing I brought my Nikon D70 along :). Here are some pictures taken with the S2 IS:

Turbo fish!

There's this cool-looking tank near the glass underwater tunnel

This is a view you don't want to see if you're swimming in the ocean

If the tunnel freaks you out, you can look from this big window instead...

...yes, the view here is pretty good too. And all this for RM28... depending on your point of view, this is either a bargain or a total waste of time.


Anonymous said...
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SooHK said...

nice photo of the aquaria