10 January 2006

Macworld 2006 - the day before

Well, it's only a couple of hours before I head off to the Moscone Center for the keynote - it's about 3:30am now and i'm wide awake.

Excitement? Maybe. Jetlag? Definitely.

Went there to collect my media badge yesterday and took some photos before some arsey security guard told us to stop. Not sure why, but apparently he thinks that the inside of the Moscone Center is some sort of secret lair. Kinda like the Bat cave, only everybody can walk in and out of it.

If this year's going to be the same as the last, this billboard will probably be swapped during the keynote for whatever it is that they're launching this year.

After that, we did some shopping. Got myself an S-video cable for my Gamecube (about time too) and some pre-played copies of Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero. Stopped by Borders and got some manga too... ^_^

Later that night, all of the Asia-Pacific press were treated to a nice dinner by Apple. Being the only member of the press from Malaysia, I was lumped together with the Filipino journalists. They're almost high on sugar all the time - a very fun bunch of people.

And best of all, one of them sounds just like Maritess, who incidently sounds a lot like a certain person I know in the office. (*cough!* *cough!* *Timbuo-* *cough!*)

And they've also confirmed that they're indeed the fastest SMSing race on the planet - apparently, most of them can touch-type T9 in Tagalog!

I guess I better try to get more sleep before the event - don't want to arrive there feeling like a Zombie.


Kathryn said...

Geez... And I thought KL has everything. Never knew Berserk volume 9 (english ver.) ever existed. You sure know how to tantalise your own sisters.

Chris Chong said...


Mel said...

I see Azu manga Daiyoh! That is something i am SOOOOOOOOOO going to borrow!!

Kathryn said...