16 January 2006

Back from SF... missed photo opportunities

    Note: Updated with a little more text...

Talk about jaded... I've spent six whole days in San Francisco, and not once did I take a picture of their famous cable cars. I went to Fisherman's Wharf and didn't take a single photo either - not of the pier, nor the Bay Bridge nor Alcatraz. Why? Because I've shot them to death before, during my last trip.

The last thing I need are another 13 million shots of San Francisco that I'd probably end up deleting anyway. Nowadays, I only tend to keep shots that are frameable (or at least bloggable). Or unless there's some sentimental value attached to them (birthdays, parties, weddings, etc).

But when it comes to arty farty shots, especially if your subjects are inanimate buildings and structures, there's really no point in going back to the same place again to shoot - especially if you've already taken everything the last time.

But, there were a couple of things I didn't take - because I kept forgetting - that I wish I had.


The first was some teabags sitting on the counter at a sandwich counter at Macworld. They were called "Xiao's Blend". HAHAHAHA LOL!!! I couldn't believe it - it's a tea blended by some Xiao!


Managed to find a picture of it, but it's real tiny. You can visit the company's site here for more info on this excellent tea.

Ok, I realise that only five or six people might find this even remotely funny (i.e. the guys at the office), but it put a smile on my face for the whole bloody day.

"Do not disturb" sign

Ok, the hotel where I stayed had these "Do not disturb" signs that you can hang on the doorknob so that housekeeping wouldn't barge in while you're sitting on the toi..

...wait, why the hell am I explaining this?

Aaaanyway, below the English sentence on the sign, there were a few other sentences written in different languages - presumably meaning "Do not disturb" in Greek, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, etc...

Then, one of the translated sentences caught my eye. It said:

    No molestar

What language is that? It's probably Spanish. After all Pajero (as in the Mitsubishi Pajero 4X4 Off-road thingy) means "wanker" in Spanish.

So what the sign's saying is: If you are molestar, don't knock on my door, senor.


I just think it sounds incredibly cool. No?

Imagine if you're eating at a coffeeshop when one of those direct-selling bastards / beggars / phony donation collectors show up while you're eating your Char Kuey Teow - just turn to him, stare him in the eye and shout:


If someone bumps into you while walking on the street, just throw your arms into the air and scream:


After you place your order at McDonalds, if the person behind the counter persists in getting you to get a large fries and Coke with your meal when all you want is a small cup of Ice Lemon tea with your Double Cheeseburger, simply point your finger at the offending idiot and go.

"No Molestar, you bastard!"

It's brilliant, I tell you. Spanish is BRILLIANT!

Unless it turns out that it's really Italian... Viva la difference!

I should also take this opportunity to apologise to my readers (if you guys are still scratching your heads) - I know this is seriously unfunny but - not sure why - I'm still laughing my arse off whenever I think of these things.

Maybe I'm going mad. Haha!

Or sleepy.

As it turns out, I've also revealed the three things that piss me off the most after a long day.

...more to come.


The Wanderer said...

i was under the impression that Sega was WNKR in spanish. you sure this is not all just an urban legend to hoodwink us non-spanish speakers?

aja-ng said...

I found that hilarious. People in my office think I'm crazy now for all this giggling.Sheeeeet.