13 January 2006

I've bought more stuff!

Went to Fisherman's Wharf yesterday. Didn't bring my camera since I couldn't be arsed to carry it (after all, I've taken a ton of pictures here the last time). Ate a dungenese crab and had some Clam Chowder, which tastes awesome ^_^

However, I did buy a bunch of funny T-shirts. Yay!

Here they are:

"Federal Bureau of Intoxication"

"I'm not an alcoholic. I'M A DRUNK. Alcoholics go to meetings"

"Save the trees. Wipe your ass with an owl"

Also got myself a CD:

QUEEN: Greatest Hits I, II & III - The Platinum Collection
Yes, I'm turning into an old fart...


Kathryn said...

Are those T-shirts big enough for a person like me who has to wear a plastic brace around the body 23 hours a day?

The Wanderer said...

joe, hope you got me a tee, 'cos i will _not_ be miffed if you forgot. :p

was the GH package heavily discounted? 'cos i have the 3 cds, but individually, not as a collection.

beat you to it, you young whippersnapper.


Mel said...

I love those T shirts!!! Wear them out to mamak someday :)