01 January 2006

Happy New Year!

It's currently 12:06am, Jan 1 2006. And I'm sitting in front of my Mac, writing my first blog entry of the year.

Yes, I'm at home.

I have some personal reasons, but I really didn't feel like partying tonight.

2005 has been an 'interesting' year, to say the least. Lot's of great things have happened to me over the year, along with some not-so-good things. In any case, I believe I'm a little wiser this time than during New Year's day a year ago (Well, I better be).

These are my resolutions for the upcoming year:
1. To lose enough weight so I can actually wear my size 36 trousers and XL-sized shirts again (you should see my current clothes - they're huge).
2. To actually get back into game programming instead of just talking about it all the time.
3. To drink less booze (or rather, to pick my battles more wisely :) )
4. To actually clean my office desk.
5. To actually buy a new stapler to replace the one that walked away from the aforementioned desk.
6. To avoid breaking mice, keyboards and other inanimate objects that inhibit my ability excel in multiplayer PC games.
7. To clean my fish tank more than just once a month.
8. To be nicer to my friends.
9. To be somewhat nicer to my enemies.
10. To seek to understand, rather than to be understood.

Here's to a better year ahead. May common sense prevail over stupidity and pointy-haired bosses.

- Chris


The Wanderer said...

here's to your new year resolutions! i'll definitely drink to that.


Mel said...

You only clean the fish tank once a month?? I am so going to kill you if Whiskers dies!!

ShaolinTiger said...

You forgot number 11..

11. Buy more drinks for ShaolinTiger