10 November 2005

My Apple Power Mac G5 is completely RUBBISH

Let me take this opportunity to convey my feelings towards the @#$%ing Apple Power Mac G5 that's sitting on my office desk.

The offending bastard

I @#%&ing HATE IT!!!
I SO @#%&ing HATE IT!!!
I TRULY @#%&ing HATE IT!!!
I REALLY @#%&ing HATE IT!!!
I, WITHOUT A DOUBT @#%&ing HATE IT with every fibre of my being!!!


The problem is, it's incredibly unstable and has been hanging / freezing / crashing at the slightest of provocations (normally doing anything that involves changing screen modes - i.e. playing games / switching video to full-screen)

But lately, even Firefox is bringing it to its knees. WHY???

It's a bloody state-of-the-art 64-bit workstation and a rock-solid UNIX-based operating system. Why is it behaving like Windows 95 on my old Pentium III 450??? I'm quite certain that, one day, the damn thing is going to burst into flames and burn this entire building to the ground.

And after that, it'll start peeing over my toilet seat, begin throwing rubbish out of the car window, jump queue in front of me at KFC and then stick an advert for some pakar urut / Feng Shui consultancy / Car care product offer / Minyak Lintah Cobra untuk tegakkan batang gembira (dengan Tongkat Ali) thingy on my windscreen wiper.

And then, it will kill my fish by turning off my aquarium pump.

Stupid computer...

And what's even more frustrating is that my old Power Mac G4 (with 1.25GHz Sonnet CPU upgrade card) is probably the most reliable computer I've used in recent memory it can go for weeks without needing a restart or without something suddenly going horribly wrong.

I used to have it right here, on my office desk. Now, it's residing on the desk in my bedroom - happily playing music, downloading torrents and doing Photoshop work without any complaints. Why can't this stupid Power Mac G5 do the same??? It's supposed to be soooo much better, with its intelligent cooling systems, super high-speed architecture and advanced power management.

But, instead, it's a piece of rubbish.

Stupid... stupid thing.



    Actually I'm just really bitter because I was halfway writing a cheery blog entry about the three portable devices currently in my possession (the new video iPod, a Creative Zen Micro and the excellent Epson P-2000 Multimedia storage viewer).

    Then, this stupid made-in-China piece of crap decided to stop working.


In the meantime, here's a shot of Charles working late in the office. One of the great things about our place is that you can come in at anytime and leave whenever you feel like it (provided you've done your share of work). The other cool thing is that we have about 13 million cameras on standby, should anything funny happen.

Better check his pulse...

The loon who just scored a goal in the background is Ravind.


max said...

Isn't that Aloy and ur sis on those funky devices?

Reliable or not... dude that's one helluva big cpu cramping up ur desk space.

Its Friday and I'm really bored. Just finished our Annual Review yesterday and its time to get out of this office!!! (why am i still here...)

max said...

Queue-jumping... that happened to me this morning which completely pissed me off. I was by the narrow roadside in my car, operating the remote garage opener to my office carpark when this idiot (who also parks in this car park) decides to overtake me and get to the front of the door first. What an idiot... and in doing, so he couldn't get a good turning angle into the entrance and decides to try reversing into me.

Complete bar steward. I didn't budge. In the end he had to kerb his wheels on the sidewalk to get in. What a numpty. Don't you just hate it when they do that?

Chris Chong said...

Yes, that's Aloy. But how do you know what my sis looks like...???