25 November 2005

Are the Malaysian police stupid?

It's bad enough that the stories of police brutality in our country have spread far and wide.

And then, some idiot in our police force decided to capture it on video and show it to the rest of the world - thus drawing additional attention to themselves and finally confirming what people have already been talking about for some time:

Basically, these shots were taken from a video of a Chinese girl being humiliated in a police lockup. She was made to strip in front of a female officer (pictured above), grab her own ears and do squats - it's the kind of punishment teachers give kids in school, but with clothes on, of course.

And while all this happened, she was peeped at by some other cops - one of whom took this video. He probably thought it was really funny, but he was probably thinking with the wrong head.

I guess the anti-corruption button badges aren't enough - our police force probably needs anti-perversion and anti-moron badges too.

You can read more about it on Jeff Ooi's blog (click here).

The sad thing is that I'm not all that surprised - I've been hearing horror stories about the way Malaysian cops treat people in the lockup, especially those who are mistakenly thrown in (usually guilty of association or simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time) and are abused, humiliated and mentally tortured - often released without so much as an apology.

As if recent newspaper stories of cops seeking civil action against members of the public who stood up for their rights (click here) weren't enough of an issue already - along with the other recent story of cops harrassing people at their homes (click here) - this had to come along to brighten up everybody's day.

But what's even sadder was that I thought that the cops in Malaysia were getting better - I've had some pleasant experiences recently with honest cops who were more worried about my well-being than on getting a bribe.

Something is wrong with our law enforcers and it's about time the people at the top thought about how and why these atrocities are happening. Maybe give the male cops copies of FHM so they wouldn't always go berserk at the sight of skin.



max said...

I'm starting to wonder if the similar fate befalls those who are (perhaps mistakenly) arrested in club/bar raids.

warren said...

i'd be lying if i said that i've been through it, but i've heard similar horror stories from friends. have a friend who got busted for possession before. had to buy his way out. cost him about 2k. should have just booked him. :)

no wonder the public's image of the police force is so shit.

PS: panjang, thanks for the cheap thrill. :p