13 November 2005

Lessons of the day - part 1

* updated 16th Nov 2005 with pics.

I learnt a couple of things today:

1. The thing about having a single earring on your right / left ear signifying that you're gay is - apparently - a myth that just got propogated in high-school. They haven't got any sort of preference and actually wear rainbow shirts to identify themselves to other like-minded gentlemen. Apparently.

2. Opened cans of Red Bull make excellent air fresheners for your car! Just pop a can, drink a bit of it and leave it in the cupholder once you've arrived at the club/pub.

When you return to your car after having plenty of drinks, you'll be greeted by an interior that smells of chocolate. Not only that, you'll even have some Red Bull to keep you awake for the drive home. Genius, no?

Ooh, yes... Smell's like heaven in here

Power of the bull: Just 2 hours of sleep and still going ^_^


It was a great night out. Saw a bunch of wankers revving their Ferraris and Lamborghinis in front of Heritage Row, KL.

We also saw a meteor/satellite entering the Earth's atmosphere - kinda like a shooting star, only that it was visibly on fire and breaking up into itty-bitty little pieces. We were at the mamak when I looked up and spotted this thing tearing across the sky like a burning airplane for about 3 seconds. I know I wasn't dreaming cos Aloy and Terry spotted it too.

It was an awesome sight! Wish I had my camera turned on and ready to shoot at that moment.

Unfortunately, I pointed at it with my fingers, which is supposed to be some sort of bad omen. Oops.


Anonymous said...

Aw, now you've let the secret sign out of the bag! Well, wearing a rainbow shirt means you're screaming out to the world that you're gay so it's not often done. Usually it's a little more subtle than that -- next time try to find people with bumper stickers with little rainbows -- look hard enough and you'll definitely find them

Edison said...

r u sure about the ear ring part? i think it IS true leh... no meh? cos i purposely got my piercing on d left.. & not on d right... HhRrMmm...

Anonymous said...

Trust me, it's a myth. I know a lot of gay people with earrings on the left. In fact I don't know a single gay person with earring on the right

warren said...

well, you certainly do know a lot of gay people anon. whoo-see-doo!