02 February 2006

Singaporean joke...

Heard this joke recently:

    One day, an Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean were touring the Middle East when they were captured by Arab militants.

    The three of them were sentenced to 50 lashes for their 'crimes'.

    However, it was the militant leader's birthday and so he offered to grant each of them one wish.

    "I'll grant you anything, except for your freedom or exemption from whipping," said the leader.

    First up was the Indonesian. He looked around the room, and saw three pillows lying in the corner.

    "I wish to have a pillow tied to my back," he told the leader.

    And so, the militants tied a pillow to his back and proceeded to whip him. By the 25th stroke, the pillow disintegrated and the Indonesian was subjected to the full force of the remaining lashes.

    As they dragged the blood-stained Indonesian away, the Singaporean looked at the two remaining pillows, did a bit of mental calculations and said:

    "I wish to have TWO pillows tied to my back."

    And so, they tied two pillows to the Singaporean's back and proceeded to whip him. After 25 lashes, the first pillow broke off and on the 50th (and final) stroke, the second pillow fell to the ground.

    Having escaped brutal torture, the Singaporean smiled smugly at the Malaysian.

    "So, what do you wish for?" the leader asked the Malaysian.

    After thinking for a bit, he replied: "I'd like you to tie the Singaporean to my back."



kruy® said...

haha... nice joke.

aja-ng said...

Very good morning laugh!Thank you.