01 February 2006

Mickey Mouse mathematics

Ok, here's the deal...

We went for karaoke last night at Red Box and each of us had to pay RM50 for some sort of membership card so that we wouldn't have to pay money at the end of the day or something like that (not really sure how these Cina companies work - seem like they're always ripping you off whilst making it seem as if you're getting a good deal).

Anyway, all of us paid for our own membership fee, except Adrian who got Alex to pay for his too.

Just FYI, the other ppl there were me, Jun Kit, Hanif and Rose.

At the end of the karaoke session, all of us had to settle a bill of about RM50 (total, not individually). Adrian paid the bill.

And by Alex's logic, everything was already settled since Adrian had already paid him back.


Seems to make sense, but I know it doesn't! If Adrian paid Alex back, how did our RM50 bill magically pay for itself???

GAAAH!!!! Can't figure it out. My poor brain... :(


Mel said...

If Adrian paid only the RM50 bill, then it would mean Alex paid extra RM50 for Adrian's membership fee. If Adrian paid both the bill and Alex, it would mean that Adrian spent RM50 covering the bill for the night. Eitherway, you didn't have to pay, so it's better to sit down and shuddup!

Max said...

Dude from your description, it all doesn't make sense. Must have been a real gOoD night out then... more DrInKs anyone?