25 February 2006

A sea of change?

While looking around the Nikon D70 Forums on dpreview, I came across this hilarious shot that was supposedly taken during the Winter Olympics (wonder why everyone's wearing shorts, then?):

From this image, you can sort of see the current trend in the professional DSLR market - a sea of Canon EOS 1D Mark II cameras, with a few Nikon D2X/D2H cameras littered around.

The reason for this, of course, is that Nikon currently doesn't have a very capable sports camera in its lineup. The D2H has amazing performance, but its 4.0-megapixel LBCAST JFET sensor doesn't provide enough resolution, while the D2X is really more of a studio camera (much like the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II).

Aaaaanyway, what I found rather silly is the over-ambitious idiot holding up a camera phone at the bottom of this picture. I'm sure he got some pretty good pictures... ^_^

Is this the beginning of a sea of change? Or is this guy simply lost at sea...?


Emily said...

You know what they always say, "A good picture lies in the photographer, not the tools" ;D

Chris Chong said...

Yes, but there are limits... -_-

Emily said...

I was being sarcastic =D Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post of yours simply because I'm a Nikon fan myself =)