05 October 2005

Underground Japanese dining...

Went to this really neat underground (literally) restaurant in Roppongi called Jidaiya, which has got the smallest entrance / doorway I've ever seen.

Apparently, Shirefolk come here a lot.

The inside is modelled after an old-fashioned Japanese living room, complete with hooks from the ceiling for hanging your pots over the fire.

The food was excellent, of course (Sashimi, sushi, pickled vegetables, eggplant, etc). However, I had a bit of a problem when the Tempura came - I'm allergic to prawns. My solution? Take one dose of Zyrtec (an anti-hystemine, howeverthehellyouspellit) with my beer and carry on with the shrimp!

Apparently, you can take certain types of medication with alcohol ^_^

As good as it was, the dish-of-the-day for me was the... erm... Damn, I can't remember what it's called. Anyway, this is what it looks like:

It's basically beef strips, mushrooms and yummy peanut sauce. Before you eat it, you have to cook it in water that's boiled in paper bowls over a fire. Yes, there's some reason why the paper doesn't just burn away - something to do with the boiling point of water. Wonder if it has any effect on the taste of the meat itself. In any case, it tastes fantastic!

After dinner, we're headed back to the hotel, and passed by Tokyo Tower along the way. Apparently, the bus driver couldn't be arsed to stop for 5 minutes, so i had to make do with my compact camera in a moving bus.

I think I did pretty well, actually. Anyway, I've already been up Kuala Lumpur Tower, Seoul Tower and the one in New Zealand - Christchurch, I think... can't remember the name of it. Anyway, they're all probably the same.

Oh, and we passed by a Porsche Cayenne (howeverthehellyouspellit):

As well as a Maserati Quattroporte and two Bently GTs - all within a few yards of one another! There are probably a few hundred more of these all around town. I guess the economy is picking up in Japan. Ok, it's late, and I have to wake up early to visit the fish market.

Good night.

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