05 October 2005

CEATEC Japan: Battle of the big screens

If one thing's for sure, every Japanese electronics company worth its salt has a huge line-up of extremely large televisions. Apparently, all of us are dying to buy a plasma television - nevermind the fact that they usually cost more than RM10,000 if larger than 32 inches.

This is the Panasonic booth. The engineers at Panasonic think that Plasma technology is the way to go, and that LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) are shit for large screens.

This is the Sharp booth. They are huge proponents of LCD technology in large screens and think that Plasma technology is shit.

This is Sony. They've got a funky name for their TVs and image processing engine so they're probably going to sell by the truckload. They think they're great and that everybody else is shit...

This is JVC - simply making up the numbers (although they've got some excellent rear-projection TVs).
However, JVC's sake-drinking engineers have designed a plethora of wood-coned speakers. Nice to see that they've got their priorities right...

Canon and Toshiba have got a brand-new technology called SED, which is apparently really good compared to LCD and Plasma technology, which are now apparently shit.

When they're not strapping a new oil-cooler and larger turbo into the next generation Lancer Evolution XVI (sorry, I lost count... how many are there?), Mitsubishi is also an electronics company. They've got a cool dual-screen DLP rear-projection TV, and my God it's huge. Apparently, DLP rear-projection is the future, and plasma, LCD and SED are shit.

And the coolest of them all:

You've probably seen this around the 'Net before, but Sharp has this clever multi-angle LCD television that allows you to watch two different video streams (full screen) on the same screen. Allow me to demonstrate:
Start from the right...

Walk to the centre - eh, the screen's funny...

...and stop at the left. Bloody hell, the screen's changed!

How awesome is that? Best of all, the crossover point between both screens is rather narrow, so you can have a large number of people looking at one screen at a time (no need to huddle up too close together ^_^).

If you're thinking of playing Gran Turismo 4 with multi-player cable link (i.e. with TWO PS2s), this is an excellent solution. Also, you'll never have to fight to watch a particular channel again (unless you've only got one Astro/Satellite decoder in your house)...


warren said...

and then came chris who took some sugoi photos that everything, now, is shit.


the multiangle tv is really cool. no need to argue with the missus over who watches what.

max said...

Well if they get round to strapping that as well into the Evo-MCMXVII-MR-FQ999-RS it'll be great fun to tick the "audio upgrade" box.

That dual screen is a great idea... multi player game, fullscreen too.

durrrr... another dull Friday evening at the office.