23 October 2005

Annoying IQ puzzle thingy...

Heard this from a friend the other day, over drinks at a pub-like place that sells watered down beer (Chakri Palace at Plaza Mont Kiara).

This is one of those IQ puzzles which, on the face of it, seem rather easy but will take you an hour or so to figure out (if you haven't seen it before, of course).

The Puzzle:

There are EIGHT people: a cop, a robber and a family of SIX, consisting of a mother, a father, two daughters and two sons.

They have to get across a river on a boat, which can only take two people at a time.

The problem is, only THREE people can pilot the boat: the cop, the mother and the father - and each can only take one passenger at a time. The boat can't move on it's own without a pilot either. However, the pilots can ride the boat alone.

To make matters worse, this is a pretty violent group of people:
1. The robber will beat up anybody if the cop isn't with him - so, he can't be left alone with the parents or kids at any time.
2. The father cannot be left alone with the daughters at any time (even on the boat), or he'll spank them - the mother needs to be there to protect the daughters.
3. Similarly, the mother cannot be left alone with the sons at any time either (even on the boat), or she'll beat them - the father has to be there to protect the sons.

So, how do they all get across safely?

Have fun.


ShaolinTiger said...

It's not a pub, it's a Thai resturant ;)

The food is ok, but the beer is less than fantasic.

If you wanted beer, and you were in MK, why on earth didn't you go to deutche beerhaus!

Chris Chong said...

Some of my friends like cheap beer, I guess.

They have this aversion to paying over RM20 for a glass of beer...

Yah, should've gone to Doyesttcher Bierhhaussen

Aloysius said...

Dude, that boat doesn't really look like a boat.... looks more like a Pop Tart.

Anyhow, why are you complaining about the place. It's not to say you didn't have fun there right :)

max said...

cop n robber look like some s+m party...blindfold, handcuffs, big stick n all.

Chris Chong said...

Now that you've mentioned it...


Anonymous said...

This is easy. Well, so I say. Bear in mind that I have not slept in 24hours now.
If they can go across the sea unlimited amount of times, then theoretically...
-both parents go across, mum comes back
-take a daughter
-then goes back for the other
-then goes back and exchange with dad, dad gets 2 boys on 2 separate occasions,
then get the cop(no one left there so robber can kill himself if he fancies)
then cop pilots boat, get robber and ta da...

Anonymous said...

oops, realised that i did that wrong
*doh* what a muppet!

so the moral of the story is...never attempt anything if u have not slept enough!!!