12 July 2007

Saving money...

I live approximately 200m from my office (literally on the same street), which is walking distance except that my house is up a hill (about 50ft elevation or so), which means that - while walking to my office is easy - coming home will be tiring as hell since I have to climb back up the hill (Which I've tried before, so I know).

However, I have devised an ingenious plan to get to the office and back without having to drive, walk or cycle:

1. All I have to do is walk out of my house and hail a taxi at the traffic lights (while it's still red).
2. Once the taxi is moving, I tell him I want to go to Penang (which is like a five-hour drive north).
3. The driver will tell me I'm crazy.
4. I'll then tell the driver to take me back to my house.
5. The driver will then tell me to eat shit and die.
6. He'll drop me off at the end of the street - where my office is.


I figure I can probably get away with this a couple of times before they start to catch on.

The problem, though, is in coming back home (which is uphill). From my office, there's way too many exits and stops on the way back to my house. Sigh...


Quilana said...


You should install a strong rope along the side of the hill so you can pull yourself up when you want to go home.

Anonymous said...

That's even harder isn't it... moving the exact same mass up the exact same hill with a rope - only this time with your hands instead.

Quilana said...

No, because then the burden is taken off your arms because you don't have to look for footing and places to grab.

Just place your feet on the side, and climb your way to the top!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Q you remind me of this person I once knew... he had very pointy hair and made similar comments at Dilbert.

Chris Chong said...

Very clever remarks there, anon. Almost witty...

Big C said...

*Takes out flame thrower*

I feel like doing some culling.

Anonymous said...

Lovely babe, turn it up to 11.

Chris I though the taxi trick was really clever. I ache to imagine the day a driver says "Boleh..." and then locks the doors.

Chris Chong said...

Well if that happens, I better have RM500 in my wallet... -_-

And a good alibi for my boss...

Quilana said...

LOL, good one Anonymous! *guffaws for your benefit*

How ironic - you remind me of this person I once knew - oh wait, you don't! That's because I never associate with ignorant childish cowards. :)

Big C said...

Flame throwers are reserved for paedophiles and people who talk in theatres, send chain mail and write anonymous letters.

*cranks it up to 11*

Anonymous said...

The best thing about being anon is the mystery benefit it brings... makes for great conversations one normally wouldn't encounter :)

I'm really not so anon in real life, as Chris has probably guessed.

So, it seems a few witty remarks to spice this 'lil place up can apparently liken oneself to those sad profiles you so passionately adore.

Last I heard, virtual flame throwers and shallow judgement belonged to the impetuous but the prize's all yours for the taking. On a silver platter, I might add.

Big C said...

Anon, I give your karangan a P7.

Please move your ISSUES somewhere else.

No one comes to piss on your territory, so leave off with the inane childish comments and painful attempts to sound mature or intellectual.

Surely you have better things to do than to leave catty comments on someone's blog.

So go do them. Shoo.

Chris Chong said...

Hello... it's me. The owner of this blog.

There seems to be a fair bit of animosity on my blog at the moment. And all i can ask is "why?"

Anon, what are your motives? Are you purposely trying to piss people off, or do you simply see yourself as the innocent victim of bullying.

If you are indeed who I think you are, perhaps you should ask yourself this:

How is it you've managed to end so many friendships by your own hands? Why, it's because you're insensitive and have a talent for pissing people off.

NOW... *ahem* If none of this makes sense to you, I've probably thought of the wrong person, in which case you've got an overinflated sense of self and thought that I'd know who you are.


By the way, COKE ZERO IS COMING!!!

Big C said...

Yay! Coke Zero!

Quilana said...

Hey ANONYMOUS, stop giving other anonymous people a bad name and while you're at it, stop running your comments through a Chinese-to-English translator.

Anonymous said...

Apologies Chris, you've surely got the wrong person mate :)

It would probably be the latter of your suggestions, no harm intended but inciting offence received instead. With the exception of the blog owner, M'sian culture leaves much to be desired.

And yes big C, you're probably right - there are indeed better things to do, so this blog's effectively off my daily reads.

Last but not least - Coke Zero is pretty flat tbh. We've had it for ages in this market and it doesn't bode well (except to the health concious).

Have a nice one :) Take care Chris and thanks for the numerous funny, between-the-lines, rib-tickling moments.

Quilana said...

Aw, just when it was starting to heat up, you decide to pack up your tail and run away. :(

Big C said...


Really got nothing else better to do man. 4.40am.

*holds thumb and forefinger up to forehead*

Poor Chris - sorry no more pissing on your blog!

Anonymous said...

small c, the world is a much bigger place than GMT+8 :)

Big C said...

Aaaaand ..... it's BACK!


A said...

It seems like there are a lot of childishness here on the comment post but why may I ask? To jump to conclusion that they might be someone who treat you bad.

Haven't you guys done the same before? Maybe you don't realize them since you have all the time to think on how to have fun and money seems to come easy. Even if you have gone through hard times, you still didn't learn much from your experiences.

Haven't you heard of the phrase that friends are hard to come but easy to go??? Why did they go??? You ask yourself and not blame the others. Or maybe you guys don't have the courage to face your own mistakes and put the blames on others. What a pity!

All the joy in the world just to abuse others and think highly on yourselves. I think you are the one's with no life for you blog. What is the purpose to blog if you don't allow others to read it??? Don't you think you contradict yourselves more???

I know what you are thinking at this moment but I'm also not the one who you refer to but I hate it when others put down a ex-friend. Even if there is no fate to be friend, there is no need to make an enemy like how u FOOLS did!!!

Chris Chong said...

Hello A,

Fact #1: Other posters not anonymous - I know them in real life. I can understand why they post the way they do. They are friends.

Fact #2: Anonymous poster unknown. No real-life reference so all comments taken at face value.

Fact #3: Anonymous poster fired first salvo with thinly veiled and very poor attempt at an insult at another commenter - INSTEAD of arguing based on facts. Resorting to insults when unable to debate in a civilised manner shows poor character.

Fact #4: Anonymous changed goalpost several times during discussion, ignoring questions rather than tackling issues head on. Again, very poor character and very bad online forum/commenting etiquette.

Fact #5: Your entire essay about putting down ex-friends is pointless because it ignores the fact that Anonymous chose to remain anonymous. And as is evident in my previous post and the subsequent reply, I have no idea who he/she is (either that, or i'm not able to narrow it down). And how could I possibly gain an enemy if this person is anonymous and has no bearing over my life.

And I haven't even highlighted the irony of one anonymous person defending another anonymous person!

Fact #6: You've fashioned your own worldview of me and the other posters based completely on assumptions. That cannot form the basis for any sort of discussion, let alone an argument.

Fact #7: Yes, we do think very highly of ourselves. It's funny you think you need to tell us that. But haven't you noticed that Anonymous thinks rather highly of him/herself too?

Fact #8: I'm not stopping anyone from reading my blog! What on earth are you talking about? Anonymous is still free to visit the blog whenever possible.

I have a question, though. Why have you remained anonymous yourself? I personally believe that the beauty of the Internet is that people are allowed to be judged based on their opinions rather than their appearances. And indeed, anonymity is in itself a right of everyone using the Internet.

Trying to get a point across? Trying to debate about something in a civilised manner? In that case, anonymity is fine since it's the content of the argument that's important.

But when you start passing judgment on and/or insult other people, you should expect to take some back.

And in such instances, remaining anonymous doesn't do wonders to enhance your position. It's all basic human psychology.

Anonymous said...

This is Anonymous2 (not the original Anonymous, in case you are wondering)

Fact #1: What makes u think the original Anonymous wasn't a friend of yours, who was just joking around and being himself? You probably used to find his humour and wit funny...

Fact #2: Even at face value, his original comment was not insulting. It was just a joking manner used to express his feelings on Quilana's comments

Fact #3: Insults were directed at Quilana's comments, not Quilana. If Quilana doesn't like to be told that they were wrong, they could have just said so and demanded for an apology.

Fact #4: Change goalpost? I thought Anonymous was always consistent. There were no issues other than your other friends grouping him with paedophiles and attempting to use virtual flame throwers. He merely stated that flame throwers belong to the impetuous, and he is not wrong...

Fact #5: The others responding to Anonymous were far more insulting, extremely hostile, cannot take a joke and tended to hit below the belt when aggravated.

Fact#6: One should not post an insult on another using a Chinese-English dictionary when one is a Chinese insulting another who may actually be from the country where English originate from. And grouping someone with the paedophiles is very uncalled for. Additionally, the use of virtual flame throwers is certainly not the way to argue or debate a case. How was Anonymous supposed to respond to such comments or even discuss anything? The others were not at all ready for such discussion as they were too busy trying to attack with flam throwers and direct insults.

Fact #7: Perhaps this is what Malaysian culture is all about? Anonymous may be right. Your culture leaves much to be desired.

Chris Chong said...

Hello, Anonymous 2...

In response to your comments:
1. Well, if he is indeed a friend of mine, why stay anonymous? If Anonymous version 1.0 assumed that he wouldn't be able to talk to me and decide to assume a position of anonymity, that's his fault - not mine.

2. His comment was insulting. He was likening Q to the pointy-haired boss in Dilbert, which (if you've actually read the comic), is an extremely stupid, aloof and embarrassing character. So what you're basically saying is that this isn't an insult, which is a bit far fetched, to be honest.

You probably know this already, but the whole psychology behind anonymous insults is that THEY ARE IRRITATING. It's like returning to your car in the parking lot only to find someone keyed it. Or some heckler in a crowd voicing snide remarks while you're giving a speech.

3. Anonymous said, "Ah, Q you remind me of this person I once knew... he had very pointy hair and made similar comments at Dilbert."

How on earth you could deduce this as not directed at Qualina is beyond me.

4. Now that you've mentioned it, you're right. He did only skirt one issue, which was the original argument about using the rope. My apologies on that one.

5. Well, Anonymous did start with the insults, and responded in an aloof manner which, quite frankly, even I find somewhat pretentious. And quite frankly, i don't think insults and jokes are the same thing.

6. Once again, this argument is moot because Anonymous started the insults.

There was a proper discussion going on before the thinly veiled insult reared its ugly head.

When you insult someone anonymously online, you should be able to take some back. And for the record, I do find the Chinese Dictionary thing quite funny because - having encountered one myself - it does tend to produce English sentences with inappropriately poetic twangs.

7. Well, I don't know what to say - that's a generalisation, I guess.

I still find it funny that you're trying to take the moral high ground here and still maintain an anonymous profile.

I could even nit pick a little here:

You said: "I think you are the one's with no life for you blog."

Which smacks of irony because that would make you even more pathetic for even bothering to comment on my blog, then. And ANONYMOUSLY. Seriously, I'm not blogging for money or fame or anything. Do you see any traffic counters here? Advertisements? I blog because it's a hobby. It's also a good way for me to look back at events in my life. For friends, it's also a way for them to see what I'm up to, if they're curious.

Judging by your comments, it appears that you know a lot more about Anonymous than I do - his thought processes and intentions. For all I know, you're probably the same person. After all, you're anonymous.

This is all I will say about the matter for now. I will only resume discussions if I know for sure who you and Anonymous ver 1.0 are (if you both are indeed two different people). Otherwise, it really isn't worth my time discussing further.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

[quote]You said: "I think you are the one's with no life for you blog."[/quote]

Correction: I am not "A", nor am I the original Anonymous.

Just a casual observer who happened to surf into your blog.

Who will also surf out again, no worries.

Big C said...

Anonymous 2 or 1 or whomever and WHATever you are ----- you guys all look and sound the same. Probably because you're all ANONYMOUS. So pls don't expect people to be able to tell one coward from another. It's reeeeeally unfair to us. Boo hoo.

Don't you have work to do? Or are you so jobless, as well as friendless, that you have to write long-winded (and badly worded) comments on someone's blog and then courageously hide behind the cyberwall of anonymity?

If you read the comments PROPERLY, and you had half a brain, you might want to rethink your vehement but totally unfounded stances.

Your comments indicate that its unlikely you are a casual observer. You have a personal agenda here, but no one can determine what it is since you won't reveal yourself like the man you seem to think you are and sort it out in a civil manner. But, it doesn't matter.

You are welcome to tuck your anonymous tail between your legs and surf the hell out again. Use that time to take English or etiquette lessons. Please.

The world (and poor Chris' blog) will be a better place for it.