31 July 2007

Intel angers anti-racism racist with potentially racist ad

Wandered around Gizmodo when I came across a post about this ad from Intel...

I find this ad funny because:
1. If the sprinters took off, they'd bash each other in the head.
2. It looks like the black sprinters are bowing down to a white boss - which is funny when you think about ho on earth the ad agency could possibly let this through. This is one laughably bad faux pas.
3. The ad is terrible. The colours, the composition and the overall message is so bad that it's good.

I also highly recommend reading the comments on Gizmodo's post - there's a fantastic debate going on which shows a perfect example of the reverse bigotry (i.e: the "Help! Help! I'm oppressed! Let's kill the evil white man!" syndrome) that seems to afflict individuals from the poorer rung of society; blaming their inability to excel on the events of the past rather than actively doing something about it.

From the comments, it seems to me that at least one person in the African American community has a gigantic chip on his shoulder and - from the way they're talking - seem to have been enslaved and oppressed for the past 300 years and counting. So much so that it's given him a green card to be a racist himself. Funny, this.

Look. At least, a black kid can dream about becoming the President of the USA. Hell, there's a chance one of them may end realising that dream.

A young Chinese kid would probably be detained without trial for pursuing such a dream in Malaysia. Either that, or his parents will laugh at him. Repeatedly.

This Intel ad basically plays on stereotypes, which are bound to offend the sensitive.

Speaking of which, it's quite funny how I'm the complete opposite of the Chinese stereotype.

1. I can't speak Chinese
2. I can't do mathematics to save my life.
3. I actually have rather good manners.
4. I don't squat on toilet seats.
5. I'm actually soft spoken - unless I'm being an arrogant arse.
6. I prefer western food to a bowl of rice. Sometimes.
7. I think that China is the most disgusting thing on earth - it's people, it's government, it's arrogance towards Taiwan, it's appalling human rights record and what they've done to Tibet. And the Yang Tze river dolphin. And the silly epic movies they do with a complete disregard for pacing and storytelling, hoping instead to impress the audience with lavish costumes, swordfights and shit.
8. I think the Chinese infatuation with the number eight is stupid.
9. I'm taller than the average white european male.
10. I have a rather huge penis. Really. Now why would I lie to you? Ha? Ha? Ha? You want to fight, arr...?


FireChick said...

You're still a chinky Chong to me. Nyahahahahahaaaa!

Wanderer said...

Dude, Intel just went ahead and apologized over the ad.


Wanderer said...


Frakking link didn't turn out well. Let's try again.


Kat said...

And sadly, one of the few non-stereotypical chinese men in Malaysia happens to be my own brother


I hate you.

Oh, and kor. You really like big.black.cocks, don't you?

Chris Chong said...

Kat: "Oh, and kor. You really like big.black.cocks, don't you?"

Erm... don't you?