19 March 2006

This is so irritating...

...I don't blog for over a week and when I finally do, I find that I can't upload any pictures.

Not sure what's wrong - might be something to do with my router (which went berserk last week and has been regularly cutting me off from the web all weekend).

Oh, well. I guess I'll just have to depend on good old-fashioned written skills.

Except I haven't got anything to write about. AAAARGH!

I guess I can't blog without visual representations. *sigh!*

On a slightly lighter note, I heard an extremely silly joke from my dad recently:


Q: Why do all Punjabis like Barry Minalow?

A: Because he sang "I write the songs that make the whole world Singh!"



Emily said...

It's Blogger's problem because I couldn't upload photos too, so I turn to flickr. You could also try imageshack.us :-)

Chris Chong said...

Ah... that explains it.