10 March 2006

Awake for 21 hours and still chirpy...

It's funny, it's been about 18 hours since I last posted on my blog, and I've yet to sleep. Seems like I'm getting even worse at handling jet lag these days...


The whole night and morning was uneventful, but I met up with Kelly slightly after noon and went to this place called Haight. It's right next to Golden Gate Park, but I really couldn't be arsed to trek more than 5 km just to take some artsy fartsy shots. Maybe if I had more sleep, but not in the undead state I was in.

Instead, we nipped into a CD store called Amoeba Music:

Yes, it's HUGE. You can easily fit a football pitch into the building, and it's stacked wall-to-wall with CDs, records, tapes and DVDs. You can find almost anything here - there's even a bloody J-POP section! This is easily the biggest music store I've ever been to.

Looks smaller from outside

The district of Haight (I think it's a district, or a street) is decked out with loads of hippy, new-agey shops and stores selling funny T-shirts.

Nice Mustang!

Some stores have rather bizzare 'things' stuck in front of them:

There's this uber cool place there called Giant Robot. That sells a bunch of cool stuff.

Which is where I got this: a plastic wind-up Totoro that hops!


Ok, time to pack up... it's about time I head home.


mel said...

omg that totoro is sooooo adorable!!! I want to play with it!!!!!!!!!

Chris Chong said...

It's mine! :P

max said...

Chris I've just obtained a mobile GPS unit. Garmin StreetPilot i-3. Nice n small, bang for buck. I remember you mentioned some GPS product testing at work recently.

Its been brilliant, very accurate so far, love the voice commands and dynamic re-routing. Finds and navigates to nearest hotels, ATMs, petrol, Boots store, etc etc. Sync-ed with PC and managed to uploaded the latest UK speed camera POIs too (around 8500+ cameras). Reception was surprisingly strong despite the Alfa's athermic screen.

Bit of G-A-S goin' on here... I hope this runs out soon tho.