14 December 2005

I'm allergic to holidays...

It's the same every time it happens. I take a week off from work and - somehow - I end up back in the office during my vacation. And in spite of my colleagues' rather reasonable recommendations that I go home, I don't.

I dunno, maybe I just like work. Or maybe it's because we've been playing loads of Call of Duty 2 - Multiplayer in the office lately. After emptying a few hundred clips of ammunition into the heads, limbs and backsides of my co-workers - I suddenly realised something:

    While most people play golf with their bosses, I routinely shoot mine in the head with a German semi-auto rifle. Sometimes, I even lob a grenade to finish the job.


It's been a somewhat busy week in the office - had the pleasure of reviewing the latest Apple iMac G5 (the 17in model). It's a wonderful machine, but has this strange habit of crashing whenever my co-workers peer over my shoulder. As usual, it's good for work and rubbish for games. Not that there are any Mac games out there, but that's besides the point.

The cool thing, though, is that it comes with a built-in webcam and this mildly amusing software called Photo Booth. Basically, it lets you take photos of yourselves, with real-time special effects.

Photos such as these:

Finally, someone's figured out how to do something useful with a Mac!


kensei said...

Yikes. o_O

I saw your blog linked under ST's comments and was wondering if it was you. Doubtful if you remember me, I was the overworked & underpaid PR flunky who sent you off at the airport to Korea last year for the RWC thingie with Gameflier.

Your job still sounds pretty cool. :P

How's life?

The Wanderer said...

nice one panjang. you look like a ghost story in the 1st, my sis' bf in the 2nd one, kononlah gangster in the 3rd one, horsey-horsey in the 4th, and ah-nold in the last. cool.

max said...

The common cure for this "allergy" comes in the form of Fukitol capsules. 1000mg to be precise.

Chris Chong said...

Julianzz - you're not Julian Matthew, by any chance?

Warren - so, can your PC do this?

Max - Tried Fukitol... didn't work. Starting on traditional Chinese herbal drink: Don Qi Ba Syuet.

kensei said...

Yeah, I am Julian Matthew. :)

As a PC affiliate i must say one thing in its defense: 'Right Click' :p

But I still prefer the Mac for work purposes, it's just that the TOTAL lack of range for games available on the Mac which depresses me.

The Wanderer said...

well, not off the shelf, but with the right app, why not? just don't ask me which, 'cos i'm lazy to go trawl through googlie right about now.