22 December 2005

Crossed the line?

Ah... it's about 3am on Thursday.

It seems that at least one reader finds my previous post somewhat offensive.

And in the end, the last people I'd want to offend are the already small number of visitors to this somewhat-humble blog of mine.

I've always believed in sticking to my opinions, and I generally don't delete posts or edit their contents. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a blog, would it?

However, I may have crossed the line, this time. Again.

As a result I've edited the previous post to make it more diplomatic. I've left the comments intact, because I felt they were good and made a lot of sense.

My emotions have calmed and my hormones have stabilised. I admit, I've done something unkind. Again.

Comments welcomed, as usual.


kensei said...

I did manage to read the pre-edited version of that article, but from reading the comment left by the discerning yet dubiously anonymous guy, I'm guessing it wasn't flattering Sim Wong Hoo.

In all honesty, editing your articles is okay in my opinion, but admitting you edited it is necessary.There are bloggers/writers who stick their foot into their mouth, edit, then deny all knowledge.

And I think my reply to that comment would have probably been less accomodating.

Because I don't believe in the We are Asian, "They are European/Americans, that's why they are ahead, we should take pride in by just being able to compete." That's just crock advertising twits like to feed the unsuspecting public.

The Wanderer said...

i disagree, panjangs should have just kept/linked the ori art for posterity's sake. well, at least he'll have something funny to teach his racist kids.


The Wanderer said...

replace teach > show.

Tan Kit Hoong said...

I honestly don't think you've crossed the line.

I may not agree with anybody posting their private thoughts online for everyone to see, but I'll defend your freedom to do it as long as you make it clear its your own opinions and not a statement of fact.

By the way, what's up with that SMS to me about watches?

Chris Chong said...

I was looking at some Tissot T-Touch watches in Sunway Pyramid...

First Nikons. Now this...

Tan Kit Hoong said...

Ah ic ^_^ Believe it or not, my brother came to visit me today in KL and I showed him the T-Touch and he wants to buy one now. He almost bought one but by the time he decided to actually get it, we had moved on to The Curve already (we were in 1-Utama)which only has sucky watch shops.

BTW, ask me about it later -- a shop in 1Utama was offering the T-Touch with a 30% discount which is RM1890 and he was willing to knock off the RM90 to make it RM1800. Good buy IMHO.

Sophie said...

Being politically correct is important to survive and be the best.
What comes out of one's mouth is the window to his/her intelligence. Think before you write. And racist is spelt like so.
By the way, I enjoy reading your articles. You are a good writer. You are different from some unscrupulous writers.

Tan Kit Hoong said...

Sorry. My typo -- it is "racist" -- I stand corrected I was doing 5 things at once when I wrote the above comment. :p

Chris Chong said...

Yes, Sophie...

But is it also not true that a window doesn't always reveal the entire contents of the building... ^_^

...unless you live in a greenhouse or something.

Anyway, this was just a childish rant - don't take it too seriously. It's human nature to bitch about something every now and then.

The good news is that I've filled up my quota of bitchin for the next 5 months so they should be nothing but sweet smelling, flowery posts from now on.

Thanks for visiting - Merry Christmas

Max said...

Hey Chris

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Did you receive my SMS? Hmm, wasn't sure if your hp number has changed. Sorry, little off-topic here but neways, have a good festive season and best wishes to all you guys (and gals) out there.