06 January 2007

Frost your gear!!!

If you happen to be rich and slightly tasteless at the same time (seems pretty common these days), here's another great way to burn up your daddy's hard-earned ringgit.

Some company called MyFrost is offering a rather weird service - pay them dollops of cash, bring along your phone/iPod/notebook to meet with their consultants and they'll completely sheath it in pretty Swarovski crystals... Hundreds of them.

So yes, it'll probably cost you an arm and half a torso. If you like this sort of stuff, then good for you.

What's rather hilarious, though, is the company's website (http://www.myfrost.com.my/) - Or rather, its FAQ page, which is the most childish, attitude-filled FAQ I've ever read!

Examples include:


    Although we're not the first in the world to invent the crystallizing of gadgets, we are the first to enter the Malaysian market. We noticed that some of our "lesser known" competitors have been spotted biting our style and studding gadgets in a way similar to ours. Our policy regarding this is clear: We WILL NOT repair work done by other companies. We stand behind our work 100% but cannot be responsible for shoddy jobs done by others. Quality and innovation speaks for itself. Don't settle for imitations....choose My Frost.

Really? "Lesser known"...? I haven't even heard of MyFrost in the first place! And while its ok for them to copy a style from another country, it is apparently uncool for other people to do the same.

"Shoddy jobs" done by others? So does that imply that MyFrost's works are indestructible?

I think not... they tell you how they use some special bonding process to fix the crystals onto your gear, and later tell you to simply use superglue to fix the stuff back if they fall off. Observe:


    Yes. We have a customized bonding process that insures maximum hold. Since they are applied one at a time, they each have their own bond.



    We enclose a small pack of extra stones with each order in case one or two comes off. Just a drop of super glue and all is well.
    For major emergencies, we do offer a repair service. Remember, they are lead crystal - drop it on the pavement, throw it in the heat of an argument - it isn't our fault. Just call for an estimate on your specific repair.

Classic... :)

Sheesh... I feel so bitchy now. Need to take a shower...

    P.S: If you happen to be from MyFrost and are reading all this at the moment, I do apologise if you feel like tearing my head off. But you can't, so nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah :P

    In any case, do grow up.

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    The Wanderer said...

    Tried accessing the page, but got 404'ed. Wanted to vent my nastiness for the week, but alas, that was not to be...