07 April 2006

The plight of the non-dairy creamer

I am saddened by the plight of the non-dairy creamer. For all intents and purposes, it exists solely to imitate something else (i.e. real milk). And in spite of how good a job it does... In spite of how nice your coffee tastes after you add it... Never mind the fact that it may actually taste better than real milk...

The fact is that non-dairy creamer can NEVER become real milk, no matter how hard it tries.

You can't beat the real thing.

Which brings me nicely to the following exhibits:

#1: The Apple iPod

#2: Coke

#3: Hannah and friends

See? The genuine article is always better.

Stick to real milk and be happy. ^_^


The National Scribe said...

i have to say you make great points. only milk from now on, the way nature intended!

mel said...

I don't get it. What does Hannah and friends have to do with anything? *blur*