16 June 2008

I'm a married man!

Allo allo,

Seems a bit funny to mention this so much later since the only people who read this blog are my friends (who probably attended the wedding and / or have seen the ton of photos uploaded on Elaine's Facebook) but...

I'm married!

Hee hee... :)

And I'm also moving into a new home, and haven't got an internet connection yet so it's been a pain finding time to blog, upload photos and etc... Doesn't help that I'm running at full steam every day at the office. It's bags of fun, of course, but doesn't leave you much time to muck about the internet.

In the mean time, my newly wedded wife has been tirelessly uploading photos on Facebook and Flickr. So if you want to see some photos, head on to Firechick's photo stream.


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