21 March 2007

The pig flew!

Today, the guys at the office witnessed an incredible event. After coming up with a page 1 byline in The Star on Saturday (Mar 17, 2007), Steven Patrick bought us lunch!

No, really! In spite of all the pressure, he actually showed up for work today and followed us to Kanna Curry House in SS2. And he actually paid for the bill! With his own money!

Which means that he really isn't a cheap bastard! At all!!! Here, we've got photos to prove it:

Steven paying the cashier

Steven waiting for the change

Steven with the receipt

See? He actually paid for lunch!

Steven Patrick, we salute you. We now officially forgive you for all the times you finished the biscuits and chocolate on the cabinet and didn't throw away the empty packets. You're the man...

And thanks for lunch!


The Wanderer said...

He's keeping the receipt so that he can claim expenses from the company is it?


Steve said...

Aw I miss Kanna Curry House.

But RM193.45?!?!?!

Chris Chong said...

Yes... RM193.45

There were about 12 of us, including a table full of high rollers who ordered loads of dessert and nice drinks :)