24 February 2007

Casa de Lim

Nested within the cosy HDB flats of Toa Payoh, Singapore, is Casa de Lim - a 5-star home-stay accommodation for 1 with shared bath, toilet and widescreen TV in each room.

I had a chance to stay there during a recent trip to Singapore and highly recommend it to weary travellers making a trip to the island.

But more than just having fantastic facilities, what really sets Casa de Lim apart is its friendly staff, such as:

The friendly receptionist Thomas and his bar of Kit Kat.

1st class, 5-star, internationally reknown Chef Lim who cooks all the meals...

Maximus, the security guard...

...who also guards the back door. He'll also accompany you to the toilet if he has too.

My favourite member of staff is Cleopatra the head waitress...

...who also has a bad habit of sleeping on the guests beds. Mine too, hur hur! :P~~~

And then we have Shell, who is the, erm... not sure what her job description is, but she often uses the guests' luggage as scratching posts.

And finally, there's Caeser the concierge. He sits on the TV. Often.

And that's it for the visible occupants of Casa de Lim. There is another member of staff - Seraphine - but she is apparently afraid of humans and hides above the closet in the guest room. She makes scary, scratching sounds at night.

I think I'll stay here the next time I visit... -_-

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Zandramas said...

Casa DE Lim welcomes you back .. *lol