31 January 2007

KL Tower attacked by giant mons pubis

KUALA LUMPUR: At approximately 4:30pm yesterday, a giant mons pubis was seen descending from the sky and onto our beloved KL Tower.

CELESTIAL: The Giant Mons Pubis, as seen from Jalan Parlimen.

Not much is known about this strange phenomenon apart from the huge commotion it caused in downtown KL. Most residents didn't know what to make of it, though some were enraged by such a divine gesture.

"It's not right," says A. Isohunt, 51.

"While I do believe in freedom of expression, I think that this is rather tasteless. I had to cover my childrens' eyes all the way to the taxi stand when I walked out of the department store."

An atheist since the age of 5, Isohunt conceded that the giant mons pubis did however prove the existence of God.

"Who else could've done it?" he asked.

Whether or not the religious bodies in Malaysia would come to a similar conclusion, the fact is that the majority of Malaysians in the capital weren't offended by the giant mons pubis at all.

"Actually, I quite liked it," said Steven Patrick, 21.

"Since it's visit Malaysia Year 2007, we could use more attractions such as this."

Patrick claimed that he stood outside his office to gawk at the huge extra-terrestrial structure for more than an hour, claiming he had never seen a mons pubis before. He also pondered over the whole significance of the giant celestial being attacking an erect, rigid structure.

The event ended barely 3 minutes after the mons pubis was first sighted. Onlookers said that the wasn't any visible signs of destruction though various people were heard shouting "What, done already?"


Joy / Quilana said...

Bloody hell I was in KL yesterday and missed this?!?!?!?! UNCALLED FOR!!!

Steve said...

Yeah, we were at KLCC hoping to see the divine double penetration.

max said...

Dude... that giant thing right at the top has made the blog not-office-friendly to browse... for me anyway. Mengancam man.