26 February 2006

Another one bites the dust?

This weekend (actually, last night), I received some rather good news - one of my best friends (Jun Kit) is getting married at the end of this year with his long-time sweetheart (Mei Hoon).

With a couple of friends already married and a few more getting married this year, I'm really staring to feel kinda old...

Aaaanyway, we all headed to Bangsar for some drinks - to celebrate this joyous occasion.

I also brought along this Canon Powershot S80 that I'm testing. As it turns out, it's rather good at taking movies.

More to the point, I managed to capture this little gem of a conversation on video.

Click here to download "Jun Kit's Confession" - approx 7.7MB.

NOTE: The video has been reencoded into H.264, which requires Quicktime 7

Maybe I should go into indie filmmaking... -_-

1 comment:

The Wanderer said...

why don't you just upload it to youtube or google? much more coverage like that.

anyways, do any of your otaku friends have the stolen cam of tammy nyp? been searching since the break of the story but still no cigar.