02 October 2005

Someone got hitched!

Well, Alex's wedding luncheon was pretty fun (hope he enjoyed it as much as we did). Being the 'official' wedding photographer, I've now got about 2.7GB of photographs (roughly over 300 shots at 12.8-Megapixels) to sieve through...

Anyway, here are some of the pics:

A roaring entrance - Alex and Rose rode into the hall on his Honda sports bike. He blipped the throttle too, which was a nice touch (his bike sounds pretty good).

Watch your step - flower girls make terrible doormats.

Pop the champagne!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMM.... - So what if it's noon? Get the guy a drink! And another. And another. And...

Group photo - Unfortunately, Blogspot automatically re-sizes all large photos to a maximum width of 1024 pixels. Which means that I can't post anything here that's good enough to print.

It probably sucks having a friend who not only takes unflattering shots of you but also puts them up on the net.


Anonymous said...

nice pics. great to see some of the big event i missed. do post more! -max

Anonymous said...

er, you cant mix an antihistamine with alcohol.

nobody really knows the effects 5mg of zyrtec can do, and coupled with the sedating effects of alcohol you might disinhibit your primal instincts.

dont say i dint warn you.